The Candida cure

The Candida Cure

Need a candida cure? Take this drug. Swallow this pill. Drink this liquid. Read this book. Eat kale for 28 days. Stop eating sugar. Use turpentine, flea medication, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes, colloidal silver, swallow poo and you’ll be fine. It’s easy! Whatever you do, don’t trust doctors. You don’t need to know the science. I’ve done all the research for you. I was like you once and now I’m here to help you out! Unfortunately, this is all too familiar sounding and present on so many websites that promote “cures” for candida.

If you don’t find these approaches offensive, then you can easily join in on making money off of people with candida. Creating a website is fairly inexpensive to do. You’ll need a story and the one that seems to work best is to create a fictional doctor, preferably female, who battled against the rages of candida for years until she finally figured it all out and is now going to share everything they learned with you. Just buy this book or this cheap chitin-synthesis inhibiting flea medication, that’s not approved for use in humans. You can also create a couple of other sites that purportedly post reviews about the original site and “surprisingly” think it’s the best product around. Yea! If you’re really getting into it, you can even put up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The more pages, the greater the illusion.

Names like Linda Allen, Claire Davidson, and Lisa Richards are already taken, so you’ll have to create your own. It shouldn’t be too difficult, though. Just make sure that you don’t choose the name of a real doctor or person somewhere, as they won’t appreciate getting calls from irate customers. You don’t have to worry about anyone contacting you, as you don’t have to put a phone number on your site. Just create a Contact Us page in case someone gets ill from following your advice. Make sure that you hide your registration details as much as possible when selecting your domain name, as people can find you that way, too.

It’ll be important to get people to focus on your story and not the facts about candida. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make up facts, or how about scaring people into buying your product by telling them that candida’s eating their brains. Add a scary picture or two to get that point across! That one from the movie Alien where the creature is bursting out of someone’s stomach could be a good one for scaring people. What do you think? Most people are impulsive buyers, so you just need to make them jump and buy your product. Stay away from the real facts, as there are approximately 65,000 studies that have been done on candida since the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s and that can take a lot more knowledge than you need to concern yourself with.  Keep emphasizing that you’re the only reliable and trustworthy source and everyone else is out to scam you. Paranoia is a good sales tool with these approaches.

Using products from some of these websites is not without risk. Last week, someone emailed me about a side effect from using a chitin synthesis inhibitor medication designed for treating fleas in animals. They were contacted by the site selling the product about getting a testimonial (something they automatically do with everyone who buys from them early on in the process), but when they sent an email back stating that they had this side effect and wanting to know what to do about it, there was no reply. A follow-up email to the site also received no reply.

If you’re serious about candida however, you’ll want to do some research. Learning even a little bit about it and how it comes into being can save you time, suffering, and a whole lot of money. Arming yourself with a little bit of knowledge will not only help you better understand how to correct the imbalances that created the problem in the first place, but empower you to prevent its re-occurrence. Along the way, you’re likely to learn a lot about health in general and become a valuable resource for your friends and family.

Fungal candida doesn’t come into existence out of thin air. It’s a series of imbalances in the body that then creates other imbalances. You can’t treat it as though it exists all by itself, separate from the body. This is a living organism that’s been around millions of years and has a great ability to adapt to most any environment on this planet and in your body. If you have fungal candida, you also have imbalances that allowed the fungal form to exist. Those imbalances need to be corrected, as well.

I don’t recommend using substances that further harm the body, such as drugs and certain chemicals. You’ll need to boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and follow a dietary protocol that assists with correcting imbalances, without creating others. Working with a doctor can be a good thing. Look for a knowledgeable holistic practitioner that understands candida and knows the science. The human body is a complex organism. Good customer service can be a valuable addition. Find someone that you can actually talk to and email, as well. Healing is not always an easy process to undergo.

Experience is a plus. The Candida Plan has been around for over 27+ years. Having worked with tens of thousands of people in correcting candida imbalances in the body provides a good foundation for assisting others. A broader knowledge about human health overall is priceless. This blog contains over 200 posts relating to candida and health. Reading through even some of them can provide anyone with much more information than the typical medical doctor possesses. You can also visit for information, where over 500 studies are available on the site. It needs some updating, so I apologize for any links that aren’t working. I just finished writing my 2nd book on candida, called the Everything Candida Diet Book. We are working on re-releasing the 1st book (LifeForce) again within the next few weeks. Used copies are available online.

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Dr. McCombs


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