In January 2011 Dr. Jeff McCombs launched his new online Candida Library. Watch the video and see his welcome here:


Welcome to the Candida Library, your definitive source for Candida education.

Our purpose here is simple: To provide the latest scientific research in a highly accessible format for anyone who wishes to learn about Candida in the human body. The Library is the ultimate online education center for information on all forms of Candida, including systemic fungal Candida, a condition affecting millions of adults and children in the modernized world.

What we are NOT doing:

  1. Selling you a “cure”
  2. Comparing cleanses or remedies
  3. Fighting a political battle

Who We Are

The Candida Library is compiled by Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC. Each entry in the Library will cite a source, one of the hundreds of medical journals, magazines, and online encyclopedias that Dr. McCombs regularly consults. He’ll act as a bridge between the scientific facts and your everyday life, allowing you to better educate yourself and interpret the information for yourself. We believe that educating yourself equals empowerment and the opportunity to make more informed decisions about your health and well being.

Who are you?

If you’re reading this, you have probably already heard about Candida, or perhaps you have even received a diagnosis of Systemic Candida from your health care provider. Your presence here in the Library tells us a few things about you:

  1. You want the facts first hand
  2. Your health and wellbeing is important to you
  3. You are empowering yourself through education

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