Candida Diet Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Candida Diet Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Candida Diet Tips, Tricks, and Hacks – Strategies to Speed Up Results!

Are you confused about candida diets and what makes sense? Eager to find the quickest way to get results and regain your health? Are you ready to follow the scientific facts and dump the experimentation? Follow these candida diet tips, tricks, and hacks and you’ll find yourself on the road to health!

The Candida Diet

The origin of the diet dates back to C. Orion Truss, MD. Although he developed the diet that most everyone follows, he didn’t really believe the diet was that important! Given that most MDs have very little knowledge about diet and not much was yet known during the 1960s when the diet was developed, as a result, the entire dietary approach was lacking sound evidence and the test of time. The mainstay of the original diet was to avoid all carbohydrates (sugars), as fungal candida can thrive very well on it, but eliminating all carbohydrates also weakens the cells of the body and the immune system. It can also create imbalances that lead to leaky gut.

The solution:

  • Keep some carbs in the diet.
  • Avoid foods that you’re allergic to or create symptoms in your body.
  • Consider a diet that is 80% plant-based with protein as you see fit and feel comfortable with.
  • Don’t let your taste buds lead you astray.
  • Eat to live and fuel your health!
  • Plan ahead and be prepared.

Avoid Die-off!

Die-off is another way to say Herxheimer Reaction, which is when the body produces a lot of substances that don’t make you feel well. The myth is that killing candida creates a lot of die-off and the body’s response to all the candida toxins is what creates feeling sick. That may be true when using medications, but doesn’t really apply elsewhere.

There are many reasons why you may not feel well, but it doesn’t mean it’s always die-off. We’ve found that sweating six times a week helps to eliminate and avoid die-off. It also helps to release toxins that can contribute to ill health in many ways. Relax in a hot bath or jump into a sauna to assist the body on its road to health. You’ll feel better and be glad you did!

Don’t Kill Candida!!!

What am I talking about??? In 2015, researchers at The University of Toronto found “that Candida albicans can kill immune cells even after its cells have died.” Lead researcher, Leah Cowen found that dead candida “could kill beautifully.” You know, sort of like a zombie infection rising from the dead. Another study in 2006 showed that dead candida can inhibit certain immune responses by our body.

All of this is after it has died, so just imagine what it can do when it’s alive! It’s truly an amazing organism and the best way to control it is by converting it back to its normal healthy yeast form, boosting the correct immune response, and supporting beneficial bacterial growth at the proper time (yes, timing is important here). As simple as it sounds! Go the natural route with products like Candida Force that help to shift it back to normal.

Slow down!

Yes, I know that you’re in a hurry to get rid of candida, and as a result, that makes you vulnerable to every Internet site that preys upon you by promising quick fixes and simple solutions. The human body is very complex and making the correct changes can take some time. Be patient and monitor your results and look for feedback from your body that you’re on the right path.


Health is a process and therefore, you should understand that it takes time. We’re here to help because you’re worth it. We’ve been treating candida in patients and customers for over 33 years so maybe, we can help! There are more candida diet tips, tricks and hacks that we’ve learned through the years.

Get started today on Dr. McCombs Candida Plan and find out how healthy you can be!!!

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