Candida Diet Myths

Candida Diet Myths

You can learn the candida diet facts that help you avoid the pitfall of candida myths. After treating candida for 38 years, it’s surprising to see how many candida diet myths there still are. There’s a lot of dogma based on outdated information that keeps people pursuing the wrong way to treat candida. Here are eight candida diet myths to help you regain your health and stay healthy longer!


Candida Diet Myth #1: Only Women Get Candida Infections


Candida albicans (and other Candida strains) is commonly thought of as a yeast infection that only women get. It is in fact a fungal infection caused by antibiotics use, so therefore it affects both men and women equally. Research states that over 90% of the population might have systemic candida, even though it’s symptomatic in less than half of them.


Candida Diet Myth #2: Candida Is A Yeast Infection


Yes, even though doctors and TV commercials hawking medications refer to it as a yeast infection, it isn’t. Candida exists as both yeast and a fungus, but it is the fungal form that creates all the problems. The fungal form is related to over 125 different diseases and conditions. The yeast form is actually the healthy beneficial form and you don’t want to kill it. You want to focus on the fungus!


Candida Diet Myth #3: Candida Needs Sugar

Candida sugar

Candida no sugar

Yes, candida grows very well with sugar, but it can live on fats, proteins, and any number of nutrients that it can harvest from your body’s cells. In fact, if you try to starve candida, that is one of the triggers that causes it to convert from its yeast form to its fungal form. Sugar can be bad for many other reasons and stopping excessive intake is always beneficial, but don’t let yourself get caught believing this myth as there’s no science to support it. Stopping most sugars is beneficial in correcting fungal candida, but fruit can work if you don’t have problems regulating your body’s blood sugar levels. For a more in-depth discussion on this fact, click on this link – Candida and Sugars.


Candida Diet Myth #4: Only People With Weak Immune Systems Get Candida


This is probably ‘medical myth’ of the week, as this is the only training in candida that MDs receive. Researchers state that healthy people can have fungal candida, as well as immunosuppressed people. In fact, antibiotic use is the most common reason that everyone gets fungal candida. Once you’ve had antibiotics, you’ll have candida. Researchers continuously broaden the scope of those being affected. Valdimarsson et al. state that there are no common immunological denominatorsSenet states that the pathogenic behavior of Candida may appear following even a slight modification of the host. Berg et al. on behalf of Biocodex Pharmaceuticals states that Candida spreads in immunocompetent individuals.


Candida Diet Myth #5: Candida Grows In An Acid pH

 Candida Alkalizing Environment

In an acid pH, candida is found in its beneficial yeast form and an alkaline pH causes it to convert to its problematic fungal form. Candida even has the ability to make the environment around it alkaline to help in the conversion process. In the picture above, you see candida releasing ammonia to alkalize the environment around it. As a result, this helps to eliminate the beneficial acid-producing bacteria that keep it in check. It’s smarter than you think!


Candida Diet Myth #6: Oxygen Kills Candida


Candida has the ability to live in an oxygen-rich environment or an oxygen-poor environment. That is why it is technically known as a “facultative” anaerobe, which is the fancy way of saying it does well in either environment. Candida even produces its own oxygen molecules to kill neighboring bacteria around it so that it can spread and grow. This is why our immune cells have such a hard time eliminating candida with the oxygen they produce to kill microbes.


Candida Diet Myth #7: Only Drugs Can Eliminate Candida

 Candida Drug Danger

The use of drugs to eliminate candida results in candida superbugs that are resistant to the drugs. It’s a classic example of ‘What doesn’t kill you , makes you stronger.’ Anti-fungal drugs weaken the immune system further leading to more sickness and disease, not less, and killing candida also leaves dead candida cells that release a substance that then kills our immune cells when they come along to clean up the debris. Choose safe and natural methods to achieve the best results!


Candida Diet Myth #8: Medical Doctors Know About Fungal Candida


Not likely! It’s not a part of their training. They only recognize the life-threatening form, not the form that prevents you from having a normal life. Scientists and holistic practitioners recognize candida and treat it, but that’s because they typically rely more on science than opinion. Talking to an MD about candida is like asking for a psychiatric evaluation, which will be their recommendation after they’ve rolled their eyes a few times and huffed and puffed and recommended seeing a psychiatrist.

In conclusion, stick to the facts and get started on Dr. McCombs Candida Plan.


For more Candida Diet Facts, check out our Candida Facts Paper with over 75 scientific references.


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