5 Candida Mistakes to avoid

5 Candida Mistakes to avoid

What are the candida treatment essentials to help ensure success in treat candida? Treating candida successfully requires some basic knowledge that most websites and practitioners never address. Unfortunately, many of the candida treatment sites found on the Internet focus more on sales and very little on education. With candida, education is very important as medical doctors aren’t receiving any training on candida in school, which leaves a large gap in knowledge that creates a lot of confusion for the average person as they attempt to find solutions for issues related to candida. Many marketers take advantage of this confusion to sell their products quickly to whomever they can emotionally manipulate with their sales pitches. With over 65,000 studies on candida since the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, you needn’t be lost when searching for the truth amongst all the marketing. Here are some essential guidelines that can assist you on the road to health.

Successful candida treatments will follow six important guidelines:

1) Reduce easy sugar sources and pro-inflammatory foods.

A diet high in sugars can help to drive fungal candida infections, as is evidenced by the high percentage of diabetics who have fungal candida infections. The high blood sugar levels of a diabetic ensures that candida always has a ready food source available, which promotes more growth. Many people take this information to the extreme however, and restrict all forms of sugars, from table sugars to fruits and complex carbohydrates. The unfortunate side effect of this is that restricting all sugars also robs our body’s cells of the important carbohydrates that they need to function. While too much sugar can weaken the immune system, so can too little. Restricting all carbohydrates also changes the composition of the bacterial flora and can predispose someone to greater levels of intestinal inflammation, leaky gut, and conditions. Even if you were able to restrict all foods that candida could thrive on, it might only serve to stimulate and increase the numbers of fungal candida present. Candida is an amazing organism and can exist on protein and fats, as well as carbohydrates. Those who promote reducing all sugars are demonstrating how much they don’t know about about candida. Candida drives a lot of inflammation in the body, which is why it is associated with over 100 different conditions. An anti-inflammatory diet helps to reduce the levels of inflammation that candida creates. Diets high in histamine can promote more inflammation in the body, and inflammation drives the growth of candida. Restricting foods high in histamine (oranges, vinegar, fermented foods, smoked meats, beans, etc.) during the initial phase of a candida diet can help to control inflammation levels until fungal candida is corrected. High levels of histamine can cause an increase in mucus levels in the body that can affect absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

2) Correct the fungal form back to its normal yeast form.

The best way to create health is to create balance, or homeostasis. If medications are used to treat candida, they create further imbalances, anti-fungal resistant strains of candida, and rebound infections. Anytime we attempt to ‘kill’ a microbe with antibiotics or antifungals, we create resistant strains of those species. Eventually, we can no longer use the same antimcrobial and have to use newer ones, which only creates more resistant strains. This is why antibiotic-resistance is one of the top 3 threats to humans on the planet and kills more people than AIDS each year. Herbs on the other hand are designed by nature to inhibit candida, not destroy it. Nature always works to create balance, not destruction, as is evidenced by the action of herbs. Herbs can be beneficial to take on any candida plan, but alone consistently fail to resolve fungal candida issues. Fatty acids have proven to be the safest way to address fungal candida safely and effectively. Amidst all of the options available, undecenoic acid has been shown to be the best choice. It safely converts the problematic fungal form of candida back to its normal yeast form. Undecenoic acid has been used for candida since the 1940s. Next best would be caprylic acid, but there may be some issues with long-term use and kidney function.

3) Boost the appropriate immune response.

Candida has an ability to manipulate our immune system responses. It drives Th2 immune responses that create inflammation, allergies, and illness. The opposite immune response, a Th1 response, helps to control and prevent fungal candida infections, as well as viral, parasite, and many bacterial infections. When correcting fungal candida infections, it is important to boost the Th1 immune response at the same time. This helps to ensure that candida doesn’t revert back to its fungal form. Substances such as vitamin C, echinacea, red clover, and bioflavonoids help to boost the appropriate immune system response. A formula containing all of these together works best.

4) Detoxify the body through ongoing elimination.

Many toxins that store in our body will drive Th2 immune responses and can interfere with healthy cellular function. As a part of creating better balance and health, detoxification is an ongoing issue. There are over 140,000 chemicals being added to the environment every year. Many chemicals store inside our body and lead to imbalances that support the growth of fungal candida. These toxins can create blood sugar problems, immune system suppression, hormonal imbalances, and other issues that facilitate the growth and spread of candida. Detoxifying the body while addressing candida helps to minimize and ensure that the body achieves better balance and function. Sweating is a good way to detoxify the body and provides additional health benefits. In many cultures, sweating is a tradition that has been around centuries. Keeping the bowels moving helps with the detoxification process and keeps the organs, tissues, and cells operating optimally. Normal daily bowel movements should be 3-4 times a day. Many people only have one a day, which leads to re-absorption of toxins, increased levels of inflammation, and cellular stress. Herbal colon formulas and Trace Minerals Concentrace help to keep your health moving in the right direction.

5) Only introduce probiotics after correcting fungal candida back to its yeast form.

Beneficial probiotic bacteria are an important piece when it comes to correcting fungal candida imbalances. Probiotics are known to support whichever immune response is dominant. Taking them too soon can support the wrong immune response. It is important to correct fungal candida first and boost the appropriate immune response before starting to take probiotics. Fungal candida is also known for inhibiting the recolonization of Lactobacillus bacterial strains in the body. As long as fungal candida is present, Lactobacilli bacteria will be inhibited by candida. Most probiotic formulas contain mostly Lactobacillus bacteria, diminishing their effectiveness until candida is addressed first. Wait until the fungal candida condition is corrected before adding in probiotics.

6) Keep the blood sugar balanced.

As stated above, high blood sugar levels can facilitate rapid candida growth. Low blood sugar levels can also create imbalances that affect the immune system, hormones, adrenals, and nervous system. Keeping the blood sugar levels balanced can help to ensure a successful candida treatment outcome. I have found that following our Blood Sugar Protocol helps to balance blood sugar problems when followed for 4 months. Utilizing all of these essential components together is the best way to ensure success when treating candida. You’ll never just be treating candida, as you’ll need to address the body as a whole.

Each of these approaches and others are all covered in “The Everything Candida Diet Book.” Included in the book, you’ll find 150 candida recipes to help ensure a successful dietary approach.

Using this approach, we have seen many miracles, as a balanced and healthy body can achieve anything. With the science to back what we do, plus the quality of service that we provide along the way, we feel that everyone can bridge the gap of knowledge and confusion that exist with candida.

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