What are some of the signs that I might be experiencing Candida?

Here is our list of 100 Common Candida Symptoms associated with systemic fungal candida:

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* Acid reflux
* Acne
* Allergies
* Anxiety
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Athlete’s foot
* Autism
* Autoimmune conditions
* Bladder infections
* Blisters in mouth
* Bloating
* Blood sugar imbalances
* Body odor
* Brain fog
* Bronchitis
* Burping
* Cancer
* Chemical sensitivities
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Colitis
* Concentration difficulty
* Confusion
* Congestion
* Constipation
* Crohn’s Disease
* Cough
* Cystitis
* Depression
* Dermatitis
* Diabetes
* Diarrhea
* Eczema
* Endometriosis
* Excess mucous
* Fibromyalgia
* Flatulence
* Fluid retention
* Food allergies
* Food cravings
* Frequent colds
* Frequent infections
* Fungal infections
* Gas
* Gastritis
* Genital rashes
* Headaches
* Heartburn
* Hormonal imbalances
* Hypoglycemia
* Hypothyroidism
* Irritability
* Inflmammatory Bowel Disease (IBD / IBS)
* Immune system dysfunction
* Impotence
* Indigestion
* Infertility
* Irregular menstruation
* Itchy skin
* Joint pain
* Lack of mental clarity
* Leaky gut
* Lethargy
* Lupus
* Migraines
* Memory problems
* Mood swings
* Muscle pain
* Nail fungus
* Osteoarthritis
* Penile itching
* Poor concentration
* Poor memory
* Prostatitis
* Prostate enlargement
* Psoriasis
* Rashes
* Rectal itching
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Rhinitis
* Scleroderma
* Sexual dysfunction
* Sinus problems
* Sores
* Sore throat
* Sugar cravings
* Swollen joints
* Thrush
* Urethritis
* Urinary frequency
* Vaginal infections
* Vaginitis
* Visual problems
* Weakness
* Weight gain
* White coating on tongue


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I am feeling so much better
I have been on your plan for 3 ½ months and I am feeling so much better. My arthritis in my elbows and hands is literally GONE, my knees are improving daily, my legs have feeling back in them and are moving toward fully recovered. It is amazing. AND added benefit is that I am 30 lbs lighter. Amazing. I was working out 5 days a week and seeing NO improvement, I was about ready to say, ‘OK this is just what happens when you get old’. And now I am back to the weight I was in college and looking and feeling that age again as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH. – Kit H.This plan is not difficult to follow.
I feel there is a positive difference in my body. I have degenerative bone disease and my joints do not hurt as much as they used to, an immediate change. I have a difficult time losing weight. With your supplements, my cravings are curbed and, in my personal experience, that’s the most important aspect of successful weight loss. Also, for me, feeling better or good (not miserable and deprived) is another aspect of successful weight loss. Your supplements help in that, too. Thank you. – Rebecca S.
Amazing Program!
This program has been amazing!! My husband, family & friends have been shocked at the results and that I stuck with the whole program! I have been sick for a while but really within the last almost 2 years I have been battling whether I would be diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was beginning to show a terrible autoimmune problem. I kept having episcleritis in my left eye. I had to go on a steroid drops every month to get it to go away, but it would come back every month. I have gone on other colon and parasites cleanses, and have watched what I ate for a long time. I have had female problems for many years (cysts and scar tissue). I know that the autoimmune problem showed me that I needed to do something BUT I also had put on probably 35-40 pounds and it just kept coming no matter what I did! Didn’t eat bread, tried to stay away from sugar…then I finally realized I had better get a colonic. The colonic therapist shared with me and showed me during the procedure how I was full of Candida. She told me about this program and your book. I went out right then and purchased the book. I read the whole thing and knew this is what I needed to do. I have lost 25 pounds (still hoping to lose the last 10 – 15 pounds), and my eye has not come down with episcleritis. Doing this program with a colonic every week has just been incredible for me! I have watched the toxins come out of my body in different areas where I have had surgeries or problems and then the area clears up. – Sheila J.Back to better health.
After two years of seeking help from many medical doctors I was told I suffered from an auto-immune disorder called Sjogrens Syndrome. Complications continued and I was becoming lethargic and nauseous. I was having a hard time getting up each day. I also realized I was craving yeasts and sweet juices. As things were getting worse I was guided toward Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan. At the time I felt I had to try something and I was encouraged that I could write to Dr. Jeff when I had questions or concerns. His replies were always prompt and helpful from the beginning. I stuck to the plan in every aspect (including the hot daily baths or saunas). Within two to three months I was on the road back to better health. After two years I still stay away from most yeast products and only include a few naturally sweetened items. I can have fruits and fruit juices without any problems. In addition the program helped me improve my diet, as well as my health. I want to wish the best to everyone that uses this program. – Carol R.
My depression is gone
I am so happy after just one month of trying Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan that I am anxiously ordering month 2 right now. I feel so much better already, my depression is gone, my feet don’t hurt anymore, and I’ve already lost 15 pounds! That is my motivation not to cheat! – Cindy D.
I just feel so much better.
I did the plan last year and loved it! I felt great, lost a lot of weight, and I’m a diabetic and was even able to get off of my medication. I noticed that I have a little stomach again, and some friends are doing the plan so I thought I’d join them. A few others in our cast (Phantom of the Opera) are also on the plan. I have kept up with my sweating and I just feel so much better. It gives me something to do that’s positive while traveling. – Rudy G.
Normal digestion… a miracle
I had worsening chronic diarrhea for over 18 years, which started after being put on a sulfa drug, which gave me a horrible yeast infection in my mouth. I have spent thousands of dollars and gone through many tests and doctors to no avail. I felt I was going to be in diapers by the time I was 50 (currently am 46) as it was worsening and sometimes I couldn’t control my bowels. I started and within 10 days noticed a steady improvement in my bowels. Before anything I tried might improve it for a day or two, but then the Candida would adapt and I would get worse again. This time I’ve seen only improvement. I was THRILLED. After 2 months or so, I have totally normal bowels and am still amazed that this could happen. As a side result, I lost 27 pounds without even changing any exercise habits. I feel great and have way more energy than before. And my joints don’t hurt so I can exercise without the serious soreness later. Thanks so much Dr. McCombs for developing this simple and amazingly effective plan. – Jan
I am completely pain free
Dr. McCombs, We just completed your 17-week program and have been totally amazed by the difference in our lives. Not only are we feeling better, but we are back down to our perfect weight size. When we went on the plan, our intention was not to lose weight, but to stop hurting. I had Fibromyalgia and my husband had been having joint pain and would get out of breath with very much physical activity. My doctor had me taking 1200mg of Motrin 4 times a day, Nexium to take care of the side effects of the Motrin, and Flexiril for sleeping at night. All of this in addition to the steroid shots every 2-3 months just became too much. After being on your plan for about 4 weeks I decided to stop taking all of my pain medication and I am happy to say that I have not had to take any pain medication at all since that time and I am completely pain free. I now sleep a full 8 hours at night and wake up feeling refreshed. I want to thank you for your book. It has changed our lives and they way we think about food. Sincerely, Mary E.
Menopause symptoms went away
I’ve been on the plan for about 2 months. From the beginning, the surge of energy I had was nothing short of amazing! I’ve lost 17 pounds effortlessly, I sleep like a rock, and my menopause symptoms (hot flashes and night sweats) immediately went away. It is possible to eat in restaurants with the food choices from the “yes” foods. I appreciate the way Dr. McCombs & crew actually thank me for being on the plan. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Marty
I haven’t felt this good in over a year!
I have had Ulcerative Colitis for a year and a half now. The Prednisone has made me gain 40 pounds. I’ve been in the hospital three times and lost my job because of my continued absences. My Gastroenterologist said that if this last course of treatment does not work, I would have to have my large intestine removed. I’m getting better and still reducing my Prednisone (gradually and according to orders). I’m not going into the symptoms for your sake, but they are almost completely gone!! I think it is monumental since when I was in the hospital last four specialists had a heck of a time getting my body under control. I’m not sure if it is a cure but I haven’t felt this good in over a year!!! I have hopes that I will be able to get off of the steroids that are sabotaging my health in other ways. I am gradually loosing weight, but I am more excited about my health improving. – Jeff
Beat a one year battle in 4 weeks
I was on the birth control shot for just over a year and decided to get off because my husband and I want to starting planning for a family. When it had been over a year that I had been off of it, I sought medical attention. I saw 2 different doctors that prescribed me hormone pills that didn’t work; they just made me feel miserable. I began the Plan four weeks ago. My sister introduced me to it because she felt that it could benefit be dramatically. At first, I did not buy into it. But I am so glad that I did! At the end of my third week, I had my menstrual cycle. It amazes me how much “junk” we can store in our bodies. Also, along with that I lost 7.5 pounds in the first 2 weeks, and a total of 10 today. Thanks to Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan! – Autumn
I’d like to thank you and your staff
Hi Dr. Jeff, First I’d like to thank you and your staff for the beautiful post card and support. We have completed 14 days on the plan. My husband’s migraines are now just mild headaches so that’s much better. We are sweating, losing weight, sleeping better. Thanks, Jim and Patty
Beautiful Skin Again!
I had done the McCombs diet 6 or so years ago and loved it. I did it to get rid of the Candida symptoms I was experiencing and it worked beautifully. A few years later when I was pregnant with my second child, I started getting a thin, burning rash around my lips that would come and go. Each time it came back, it would extend a little further out from my lips, eventually covering my face and neck. My life was very stressful at the time, with little time to tend to myself, which is the reason I give for it taking me 3 years to finally go to a dermatologist! She explained that it was likely yeast that ordinarily lives on the skin in balance, but since my skin had been so comprised for so long, the yeast had probably gone fungal at that point. After thanking her for the visit, I drove directly to Dr. Jeff’s for some Candida Force capsules. Along with starting 10 capsules per day internally, I pierced the capsules and put the oil on my face several times per day. Within a week my face was significantly on the healing path. It took about two months, total, for my skin to heal with no further rash breakouts. I now have my beautiful skin back after so long and I am truly grateful! Thank you Dr. Jeff! – Wendy
Debilitating sinus infections gone!
My testimonial is regarding my sister Joyce. She suffered with chronic, debilitating sinus infections for 20 years. She was down in bed in pain several weeks of every month. She saw many doctors, had many antibiotics and several surgeries. One surgeon told her that her sinuses were the worst he had ever seen! Nothing improved her condition. Then, in her research, she came across Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan and decided to try it. After completing the 4-month plan she was sinus infection free! She has remained free of any sinus infection now for 3 years!! -Sandra
I feel so much more energetic!
At first I found it a little difficult to stick with the diet. I work at a daycare center and I am constantly surrounded by sugary snacks that we give the kids. It was hard at first not to go up and take one for myself. But I kept up with it and like the book said, my cravings went away and now it is easy for me to be around all of the foods that were so tempting before. On top of that I feel so much better in so many different ways. My constant heartburn and acid reflux is completely gone, I would get headaches about once a week and I haven’t and I feel so much more energetic. Not to mention the fact that I am losing weight too! The hardest part was the beginning but I have realized that if you stick with it, the plan gets much easier and makes you feel much better. – Stephanie
Absolutely the best thing I ever did for my self
My cholesterol count went from 202 to 146, my weight went from 272 lbs to 206 lbs and holding now for two months between 206 and 210 my waist went from 42″ too 34,” and I am 6’1″ and feel great. I am still drinking water and tea and coffee and fruit juice only and minimizing my process food intake and sweating at least 3 days a week. It is so relaxing I love it. Thank you for your hard work. P.S. my granddaughter was born on Aug 30th. She was the reason why I did your program. It is so great to be able to crawl on the floor with her and not be in pain. – Todd S.This plan transformed me!
I did Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan in April-May 2008 and literally transformed in 8 weeks, getting rid of severe Candida plus losing 20 pounds. However, what impressed me most were the inches I lost. I went from a size 14-16 to 8-10. Not only losing what I had gained from toxins being stored in my body (huge upper arms I never had before), but I always had cellulite in my legs, even when I lost weight previously, and that was gone, too. I am grateful for your plan. After scouring the Internet for information, your approach towards Candida made the most sense and gave me what I so desperately needed to begin to reclaim my health: a workable plan. – RMI’m a new person
I struggled with weight since I quit smoking years ago. I lost 30 lbs by the 3rd month. The weight just came off before my eyes. All my problem areas are gone. I now have confidence like never before. My mind used to be foggy, now I think clearer. I have life in me, and energy I never knew existed. This has opened a new chapter in my life. I can’t say enough about this plan. – AndreaLost the baby weight
I’ll say right off that I’m not a diet person. I like to savor my food and drink, in whatever portion I prefer, and don’t like to hear otherwise—then I had a baby. The weight stayed on in places I’d never had a problem with before and it would not come off! I lost weight immediately, my body went back to its normal proportions and I found that after the plan I did not gain weight back. After about two weeks on the plan, I felt amazing. It was almost like I’d been living in a fog and it started to lift. Suddenly I was sleeping better, was more alert and my skin glowed. – Trisha

This is phenomenal
I’ve just completed my 8th week on the plan and I am so very happy. I began on January 1st. The day after Christmas I weighed my all time high of 335 lbs. Today, February 25th, I weigh 310. That’s a weight loss of 25 lbs in only 55 days. This is phenomenal. I’ve always had difficulties with losing weight. Even following plans strictly I’d have trouble dropping a couple of pounds. I’m drinking about a gallon of water per day and in addition to having more energy than I’ve had in years I notice that I no longer get heartburn. Meal planning is easy and I don’t miss the dairy, sugar or commercially made foods. Seeing how much better I feel has been all the motivation I’ve needed to stay focused. I’ve been over 300 lbs for many years, no matter what plans I try. Seeing how quickly my weight is dropping I want to try to stay with this food plan for as long as I can in the hopes of being healthier and being less weight. Thank you, Dr. Jeff. – Cynthia S.

My blood pressure has come down
I’m on week 9 and have lost a lot of weight. I came down from 218 to 185. But the best thing is that my blood pressure has come down – it went from 152/118 to 125/70. – Ryan B.