Here’s today’s Q&A with a patient that helps to address some commonly asked questions:

Do you think its possible to completely get rid of candida and be able to eat normal again?

Yes, that’s possible. We’ve see it all the time. The Plan helps to restore and develop a better sense of health and healthy eating within the body. Energy levels lift, inflammation decreases, and a host of other improvements can take place. People tend to have a re-born, or new-born sense, of what it feels like to be healthy and naturally have an aversion to foods that don’t make them feel that way. Some people however, go back to the eating habits that made them lose energy and don’t feel as well as they did on the Plan. Fortunately, they now have a new reference point and often decide to return eating they way that made them healthy on the Plan. If “eat normal again” means eating foods that helped create the problem, it also depends on how your body now responds to those foods. Such “normal” foods are mostly not a healthy choice.

I have always been able to eat all foods and sugar without problems, but when i got candida it completely destroyed my life and only able to eat a couple of foods.

The real problem starts with antibiotics and how they can permanently alter the composition of the body’s bacterial flora. That can sometimes be the bigger problem. Fungal candida is a just part of the problems that antibiotics create. Restoring healthy intestinal flora, correcting fungal candida, boosting and restoring the correct immune responses and balance, detoxifying the body, etc., are all involved. With a balanced flora and immune system, the body has a greater ability to adapt and compensate for eating unhealthy foods. That doesn’t make those foods okay to eat, or healthy, it just means that you’re less likely to exhibit symptoms when eating those foods. They will still damage and create imbalances in your body that may take years to show up. When the body’s balance is destroyed by antibiotics, you have a lesser ability to compensate and adapt to eating unhealthy foods. The body’s immune system develops allergic responses that can take months, or even years to release in some cases, even if healthy eating habits are restored. Doing as much as possible to balance the whole system will often produce faster results. A lack of symptoms doesn’t mean that certain foods aren’t problematic. It can also mean that your body’s feedback mechanisms aren’t functioning very well. Many people live most of their lives in this state, eating and drinking anything they want, only to end up with cancers or other diseases (McDonald’s serves 60 million people a day). They go to their doctors and tell the docs that they never had any problems or symptoms. The MD doesn’t know anything about physiology or how the body functions, and therefore can’t offer any explanation, only meds. Those diseases developed over years, decades of poor habits.

What are your experiences with patients, are most people able to get rid of candida completely?

I have found that restoring fungal candida to its normal yeast form is not that difficult when approaching the body as a whole. Some of the other issues that are created by antibiotics and fungal candida in combination may take longer. Proper immune system balance can be an area for some people where lingering symptoms often occur. Immune system dysregulation that creates inflammation and all that goes with that is a common area sometimes.


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