Candida and Health. Those aren’t two words that one would normally find together. Candida and disease is a more likely association with candida known to be linked to over 125 different conditions and diseases.

Candida and health, or candida and disease? This dichotomy is reflected in the organism itself as it has a beneficial yeast form and a problematic fungal form. That dichotomy goes even further when you consider that the fungal form, according to some perspectives, may also have a beneficial side to it.

Candida is thought to play a role in digesting foods and like most microbes, also playing a role in priming immune system responses. The picture above shows candida secreting ammonia into its environment. This can help candida to convert from its normal yeast to problematic fungal form. In an environment that effectively regulates its microbes, candida may also use this same mechanism in helping to alkalize tissues to benefit its host, us. Candida also has the ability to transform toxic metals into a more inert form, as well as transforming inert metals into a more toxic form. Candida’s ability to utilize sugars very effectively could possibly play a role in blood sugar regulation when blood sugar levels become excessive and the body is unable to regulate this levels. From all the science to date, candida may be one of those best friends that you would never want to have as an enemy

From a truly holistic perspective, it would make sense that candida exists in the body because it possesses this ability to switch from one form to another. In a regulated, intact ecosystem (our digestive tract), these two forms could serve the overall health of the body depending on the needs of that ecosystem. Destroy that ecosystem, as is the case with antibiotics, and you’re creating a runaway problem with no more controls in place. What takes place is runaway inflammation and possibly unchecked disease processes. This may simply be candida fulfilling its potential, breaking down and destroying tissues because that’s what fungus does in nature. Fungus plays a vital role in the cycle of life.

To correct and preserve this amazing organism, we should never seek to destroy it, as we would lose the benefits of its presence in our ecosystem, and potentially be creating yet another void that leads to a series of imbalances and disease. The ability to switch it back to its normal yeast form and re-establish the health of the system that regulates it is what the Candida Plan is all about. It is a holistic approach that considers the entire ecosystem and the complete host.

Candida and Health. This is the correct perspective. This is the correct approach. The goal should always be health.

Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC, is founder of the McCombs Center for Health, the Candida Plan, the Candida Library, and author of LifeforceThe Everything Candida Book, and The Everything Guide to Autoimmune Diets. Check out our podcast, Candida Diet Tips Recipes, and Insights on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Alexa Flash Briefings.

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