Candida and Crohn’s Disease

The link between candida and many diseases is well established in the literature. It’s important to understand that an imbalance of the overall flora of the intestinal tract is a part of every candida condition, as well as a dysregulated immune response, and possibly several other factors.
Fungal candida has been found as a causative organism with Crohn’s disease, but it is within the context of other imbalances being present, as well.

This recent study from Nov 2015, helps to clarify the presence of an overall imbalance –

…as does this 2014 study –

…and this 2014 paper -

…and this 2013 study from France –

If we consider Crohn’s as an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, then there are several other studies that connect the dots between candida and Crohn’s, as well as the presence of other flora imbalances –

When correcting fungal candida imbalances, it is necessary to consider the system as a whole, instead of attempting to isolate only the treatment of candida. Those who insist on isolating only candida in their treatment are following the reductionist viewpoint put forth by the medical field, which to date has yielded no significant and lasting improvement in health in any area. So, whether it’s candida and Crohn’s or candida and anything else, consider the whole, and not just the part.

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