There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about the candida diet, which is created by: MDs lacking in a great deal of basic knowledge and science on the subject; the instant experts created by joining MLM companies selling quick fixes; the person who blames everything on candida; the exclusionist who treats candida as if it’s the only microbe in the body: the pet theory approach; and the misunderstanding of what’s taking place in the body’s physiology and responses. There’s more, but that catches a lot of what commonly contributes to the confusion. I hope the following articles help to create a better understanding of what to expect with many approaches and also to broaden the understanding of fungal candida and how to correct this imbalance and restore health. I have a few more articles to add in this series, so let me know if there’s an area that you’d like more information about. Thank you for taking the time to read these.

Part I: Candida and Medications

Part II: Candida and Hydrogen Peroxide

Part III: Candida and Bacillus subtilis

Part IV: Candida and Sugars

Part V: Candida and The Quick Fix

Part VI: Candida and Herbs

Part VII: Candida and Probiotics

Part VIII: Candida and Fatty Acids


Dr. McCombs Candida Plan.