Dr. McCombs Candida Plan has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 20 years and we’ve been fortunate enough to play a role in many miracles for patients and customers. Unlike most sites who push pills, we provide science and solutions to serve each person. One area that we take particular pride ourselves in is our level of service and work that takes place behind the scenes to assist others in gaining a better understanding of health and how to maintain it once it has been restored.

We wanted to share a small sampling of the emails that we receive acknowledging our service:


I am an M.D./Internist in Maryland. I practice functional and integrative medicine. My interest in candida dates back to 1980. I met with Dr. Orien Truss and later collaborated with Billy Crook. In fact, I wrote the forward to the early edition of the Yeast Connection. One of my patients found your website and is doing extremely well on your program. I plan on incorporating your Plan into our program. Congratulations on what you have done to further our understanding of candida and chronic illness. James H. Brodsky, M.D.

Thank you Dr. Jeff for your quick reply. I want to also tell you that your attentiveness on e-mail while we were on your plan made a huge difference for us, and our friends. It really makes you stand apart and above the rest – best customer service ever 🙂 J


“I just want to say that Dr. Mccombs is so knowledgeable and patient in answering my many, many questions and giving me advise. He is very very knowledgeable in so many areas its amazing.” AJ


When i found out about Dr. McCombs, i knew i would follow his program when he responded to my e-mail right away…Also, many thanks to your staff for their quick and helpful services.” KL


I can’t thank you enough for all your help and responding to my e-mail right away. You’ve brought me so much hope when no one else could. JD


Wow…thanks for your prompt response. KM


Thank you very much for your medical opinion, respective recommendations and information on dietary protocols. Allow me to humbly express that I found them helpful, insightful, eyes-opening.  It gave me new space of understanding my symptoms and the possible path to healing. I appreciate highly your time, kind attention, and thoughtful recommendations. RS


Thank you for your time and the fact that you always respond so promptly is wonderful. I would love to make a donation to the McCombs Center for further research or whatever you could use because I am so appreciative of your willingness to give of your time and experience. Please let me know if this is something I can do. I am currently studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor so I am always learning and love to learn so I am appreciative of your patience with all my questions.  LC


How funny my reaction when you told me it was in fact you that I was speaking to.  LOL!  Obviously I have much respect for the genius behind an amazing life plan for better health Dr. McCombs, it was truly an honor.  Thank You! BT


So I’m writing you to thank you for all of the great information you put out. MM

Great! Thanks for all your help.  I will take all your advise and see how it goes. CL


I really appreciate your guidance. K


Ok, thank you very much, Dr. McCombs, for taking the time to understand my situation and respond.  You have been so helpful. FA


I am telling everyone I know about the McCombs Plan!  I know so many people are out there suffering just like I was.  Thank you, Dr. McCombs, for all the research you have done on Candida.  I purchased and read your book, LIFEFORCE, and learned more about my body than I had ever known.  I feel like Lazarus, who had his burial clothes removed! SS


thank you so much for your time and suggestions…You have been very helpful.  Thank you again for your time.  JN


Thanks for your help you have done more than all others. PP


I am cautiously optimistic and grateful to Dr. McCombs for his generous help and wisdom.  ST3


Dr. McCombs, thank you very much for your prompt reply; your work is very inspirational. CH


Thank you very much Dr Mccomb. HJ


Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to extend my gratitude to you for offering your knowledge and expertise that has drastically changed, not only my life, but so many others! I was very discouraged and losing hope that I would ever feel good again, until I read “Life Force”. I’m happy to report that I am loving life again!  You have been so gracious in answering my questions. Thank you! MMW


I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and opinion with me.  It has been very helpful for me to understand the process better…You are doing great work : ) DY


Thank you so much for your time and this information. It really helped a lot! KO


Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. GJ


Thanks, Jeff for doing the work you do. It turned my health around. MP


Dr. McCombs is like a living encyclopedia of knowledge & wisdom! His neutrality and caring…unsurpassed. Simply the best practitioner! I have kept going and listening to his directives and my own inner guidance. Results…AMAZING! Thank you Dr. McCombs! TM


Dr. McCombs, I watched many of your videos and it seems you really know what you are talking about on this issue.  DC


Thanks so much i really appreciate and value your opinion. KC


Thank you so much for your time.  It means more than anything to me right now, i really appreciate it. I’m really glad to have found an informative website with the science to back it up and also to get your e-mails. AM


I was just listening to the audio library on your website. It is really great! It answers so many questions for me and helps to fill in the blanks as well as provide motivation.  Y


“Thanks for helping me finally fight this the way it should be fought. I have had this for 30+ years.” DW


Thank you so much for this detailed and timely response. Gratefully, AF


Thanks for the swift and just-what-I-wanted-to-hear reply! This is me upon reading your email:) CO


Dr. McCombs, Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to respond. This cleanse is amazing and it has changed my life. Thank you for your research and dedication! DT


Thank you very much for a quick and clear response. Much appreciated. Kind regards, MW


Thanks for your support, and great products, they have positively impacted my life!! Sincerely, EL


Dear Dr. McCombs, Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions. EJ


I just want to thank you  for taking the time to explain, give advices and reassure me about what is going on with my body. You are so knowledgeable…it is impressive ! Thank you again for your advices and encouragements. And also for taking  some of your precious time to answer me personally , PH


Thank you in advance for the quick response and assistance throughout! JJ


Many thanks for taking the time out to answer the question. Regards, SP


I started your plan on November 2nd and since then 6 of my friends have started your plan. The plan is wonderful and the quick results are amazing…Thanks, KP


I’m thankful to you, Dr. McCombs, for your help and diet plan. I knew it would help me when I came across it (an answered prayer), but I wasn’t sure if I’d really be ok. I trusted it, and it worked. KC


Thank you so much for developing this program and sharing it. Sincerely Yours, CB


I appreciate the way Dr. McCombs & crew actually thank me for being on the plan.  Thank you,
thank you, thank you!  MR


Hi Dr, I’m impressed you came back with a concise answer and in short order as well. I’m also appreciative. You (Mccombsplan.com) will be receiving a couple of links from my personal website ( Pdazzler.com) for your willingness to share your knowledge. PP


Thank you so much for your program, and mostly for explaining and teaching on WHY the diet needs to be followed and how the supplements work.  It has helped me so much! ML


You take the time to help so many people and respond personally to emails and such lets people like me know you truly care. Thank you for your caring heart, God Bless DG


Blanca, thank you for your note card. I actually did the detox plan back in the beginning of 2009. p.s. I have personally have gotten 9 people to do your detox! Thank you, CM


I just wanted to thank you for putting the information out there. Best regards, AV


I always look forward to reading your replies to so many people with so many issues in every direction, many that I identify with myself and for many of my loved ones.  I told my husband I cannot believe the range of knowledge that you have and that I am genuinely in awe of you.   We need you here to correct so many wrongs done to so many people.  Take good care, KJ


Thank you for all your replies and guidance throughout this process, I feel very blessed. NY


Thank you for your prompt response.Thank you and God abundantly bless you for your wisdom and knowledge you share. GS


Thank you Dr. Jeff, I appreciate your timely reply. Have a great day! Cheer’s to your health, CS


Hi Dr. McCombs.  Thanks!  You’re the Best!
By the way, I said it once or a few times before, but I will say it again, your staff is great, especially Hugo! Your plan is one of the best things that I have ever done!  I have never felt better!  I am 42 and I feel better than I did when I was 20! Keep up the good work! YY


I just wanted to thank you for that tip you gave me last year. LR


Thank you very much for your prompt response.  I appreciate it. YJ


…and last but not least, thank you to the tens of thousands of people, in over 60 countries, during the past 20 years who have done the Plan, shared it with others, and allowed us to play a trusted role on their journey to greater levels of health. Our commitment to being of service to others will continue on as we go forward in a world that is facing greater and greater challenges with real health care.

Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC


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