Obesity and candida go hand-in-hand. Several studies have shown an increase in the levels of certain bacteria and the incidence of obesity. The overgrowth of the Prevotella genus of bacteria has consistently shown up as being associated with obesity, with a couple of studies showing the opposite effect. Prevotella has also been associated with enhancing the growth of fungal candida. Fungal candida on the other hand has been found to drive inflammation in the body via the Th17 pro-inflammatory immune response. This Th17 response and inflammation is associated with an increased incidence of obesity and several autoimmune conditions associated with candida. Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis are associated with both fungal candida and obesity. In diabetes, fungal candida has been found to initiate it, as well as  to be caused by it.

More links to fungal candida were recently established as Univeristy of Michigan researchers linked obesity to diabetes via the same pro-inflammatory NF-κB pathway that researchers from the University of Maine found were promoted by fungal candida. Activation of the NF-κB was found to occur via the Secreted Aspartyl Proteases and the Dectin-1 molecule of fungal candida.

Antibiotics have been shown to be responsible for permanent alterations in the gut flora that lead to obesity via metabolic changes that are regulated by the gut bacteria. As candida helps to dictate which bacteria grow back after antibiotic use, part of the metabolic changes noted by Dr Martin Blaser in the NYU study may be due to candida’s role, as well.

Increased levels of inflammation can cause an increase in levels of water retention in the body. Addressing fungal candida, disruption of normal bacterial flora, and inflammation in the tissues can lead to the loss of dead water weight and excess body fat. The use of sauna and sweating can lead to an increased metabolic rate that continues to burn calories and increase detoxification long after you’re done sweating. Daily use of sweating via sauna, hot baths, hot tubs, and steam rooms can provide some of the same benefits as exercise.

With obesity and candida, it may be the common question of “the chicken or the egg.”

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