This was a podcast that I did a few weeks back. The sound quality on my end is not so great, but the information is still valuable –


Are you one of the growing number of “HIV positives” who reject the “antiretroviral” drugs, T-cells and “viral load” counting, and the general fear around “AIDS” – but still perceive that you have a weak immune system? It may not be “all in your head.” Digestive problems, constipation, hormone imbalances, headaches, “brain fog,” allergies, hypoglycemia, fatigue, skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema — links to cancers, Parkinson’s, diabetes and obesity – and even, possibly, heart disease –may be signs of inflammation caused by a dangerous fungal growth. Dr. Jeffrey McCombs reveals Candida albicans as the common factor in more than 100 diseases.

Mainstream sources describe Candida as caused by HIV, but they could be raising the question of what AIDS is in the first place. It looks a lot like Candida to us!


Southern California chiropractor Dr. McCombs is the author of Life Force: A Dynamic Plan for Health, Vitality and Weight Loss and, just released this summer of 2014,The Everything Candida Diet Book. He has maintained The Candida Library, an online resource for practitioners and patients, since 2011.

In his conversation with “How Positive Are You” co-hosts David Crowe and Elizabeth Ely, several surprising facts emerged:

  • Government-sponsored online medical database PubMed reveals almost no studies on the effects of Candida albicans on the human body before 1945 – not so coincidentally, about the time that antibiotics were first introduced.
  • These days, up to five research studies on Candida are initiated every day, yet this condition is not taught in medical schools, and your doctor may not even know how to look for it.
  • Most tests for Candida fail to distinguish between the yeast and fungal forms of this organism, and taking probiotics without addressing this difference can make the fungal form even more damaging.
  • The dangers of antibiotics go far beyond killing beneficial bacteria in the gut and include damaging the mitochondria inside cells, growing bacterial resistance, establishing a Th1/Th2 imbalance within the immune system and causing permanent brain damage. (HPAY plans to talk more about the Th1/Th2 subsets of T-cells in the future, so stay tuned. . . .)
  • Astronauts get Candida-related symptoms while working in space.

As we discussed in a previous episode of HPAY, antibiotics and their devastating cousins the “HIV antiretrovirals” take us into bacterial resistance and dependence on ever more powerful drugs. Our warlike, carpet-bombing medical system tries to eradicate all threats – with plenty of collateral damage. As an alternative, the key to restoring balance, Dr. McCombs says, is converting inflammatory, “tumbleweed”-shaped fungal forms back to beneficial yeast forms.

Dr. McCombs takes a limited number of patients and can be reached by phone or Web through information on his “Contact Us” page.