This shouldn’t be news by now

“Parents of children with autism have long said that their kids endure more G1 Problems, but little has been known about the true prevalence of these complications or their underlying causes,”

[TRANSLATED: DOCTORS IGNORED PARENTS DUE TO THE DOCTORS IGNORANCE ON THIS ISSUE. STILL HAPPENS EVERY DAY] The researchers found that the parents of children with autism were six-to-eight times more likely to report frequent gaseousness/bloating, constipation, diarrhea and sensitivity to foods than were the parents of typically developing children.
“After years of parents raising concerns about such symptoms, the huge differences we see between parental reports on children with autism spectrum disorder versus those on children with typical development puts to rest the idea that gastrointestinal problems among children with autism spectrum disorder are just an accumulation of case reports,” [SHOW THIS INFORMATION TO AN MD, HE STILL WON’T GET IT] Among parents of children with autism, those who reported their child had abdominal pain, gaseousness/bloating, constipation and diarrhea also significantly more frequently noted irritability, social withdrawal, repetitive behavior and hyperactivity than did those without GI symptoms.[PARENTS KNOW AND MDs DON’T LISTEN. IN REALITY, MDS DON’T WANT TO LISTEN AND LEARN FROM PARENTS OR PATIENTS. IT DESTROYS THE GLASS HOUSES THAT THEY SET THEMSELVES UP IN. THE FACT THAT SOMEONE COULD KNOW MORE THAN THEM, WOULD DESTROY THEM. THIS ALSO EXTENDS TO OTHER DOCTORS, NOT ONLY HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS, BUT OTHER MDs AS WELL. THEY CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WITH ALL THEY’VE LEARNED, SOMEONE ELSE WOULD KNOW BETTER. IT’S A VERY NARCISSISTIC CULTURE, WHERE PATIENTS SUFFER THE IGNORANCE OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION.]

Children Who Have Autism Far More Likely to Have Tummy Troubles

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