Time and time again, I find that Cause and Effect (C&E) are a poor model for gaining insight, understanding, and co-operation with how the body works. Most people rely too heavily on C&E as being the best indicator of what’s taking place in their body and with their health. It’s an easy enough connection to make when someone bumps their leg on a table and has pain and a bruise as a result, or takes an antibiotic and has diarrhea afterwards, but it gets muddy very quickly when we go past a certain period of time, like a couple of days, weeks, months, or even years later.

Research shows us that the effect of toxins is something that may pass through several generations. You can think of your genetics as a tree with thousands of branches. Each generation’s exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and medications can negatively affect the branches of that tree. Each insult can destroy a branch. Destroying enough branches will result in certain diseases and conditions. Your great grandfather may have had exposures that lay the foundation for a disease in the next generation. Your grandfather may have added a few more, but escaped the development of a disease. Your parents may have added a few more and either developed a condition or escaped it. Either way, the scales were tipped a little bit more in favor of creating a disease sooner or later. Trim enough of the right branches off that tree and you could be the one who gets the bad end of the deal. It becomes a risky game of Russian roulette.

With over 140,000 chemicals in the environment, and thousands more added each year, their impact on health cannot be overlooked. Very few chemicals have been researched for the impact on health. Hardly any have been considered when we look at accumulative and compounded effects. Science used to believe that only large doses can have a negative impact, but recent research demonstrates that minor insults can have big effects. Antibiotics are linked to obesity, diabetes, allergies, asthma, and cancers. The majority of these conditions will take years and decades to develop as a result of antibiotic use.

Emotions and stress are two other “toxins” that can have an affect on our genetics. Living a stressed-out life in a bubble isn’t going to be the answer. With greater levels of insight and understanding, we can begin to see a global impact, as well as a personal one. The planet is becoming an inhospitable place to live.

Enter the model of C&E. It’s not uncommon to encounter people who have been taking care of themselves for a decade or two, who then come down with some condition or disease. For the life of them, they can’t figure out what went wrong, when they were doing everything so right. Weighing everything by the C&E model, we will be at a loss to figure it all out. Stepping back and gaining a greater perspective will provide us with more answers, and therefore better approaches to health.

The news is that it isn’t all bad, however. Research shows us that fruits and vegetables, and herbs, can help to repair the damage to our genetics. Food can heal and reverse diseases! Imagine that. Eating a plant-based diet high in fruits and veggies can change genetic conditions. Studies about the outer effect of the world and what we eat on our genetics is the science of Epigenetics. Epigenetics shows us the ability of fruits and vegetables to not only maintain healthy DNA, but also to reverse the effects of chemicals and medications that lead to cancers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that plant-based diets can alleviate at least 63% of all deaths due to chronic diseases. Before you run off into a raw food lifestyle however, consider the Blue Zone study which showed that people living past the age of 100 had a common factor of a diet that was 80% plant-based, not 100%. All foods have been found to have beneficial effects, as long as they aren’t processed and chemically altered or raised. Over-cooking can destroy nutrients and enzymes, but slight cooking can still preserve many wonderful benefits.

Do yourself a favor and start living a healthier lifestyle, today. Realize that you are a byproduct of your environment and your ancestor’s environments. If you plan on having children, cleaning up your body in advance is a good idea. Children are being born pre-polluted. Start reversing generations of toxicity with organic whole foods. Get to know a good herbalist or other health care practitioner who uses herbs and supplements. Repair digestive function in order to get the most out of all your foods and nutrients.

Take back your health. Live the life you create.  Dr. McCombs Candida Plan.