When Kathy first came to us, she stated that she felt as though she had “lost eight years of her life” dealing with candida. She had recurring bladder/kidney infections that were treated by MD after MD with no improvement. She experienced chronic fatigue and extreme exhaustion, digestive imbalances that included bloating, gas, indigestion, brain fog, depression, blood sugar imbalances, sweet cravings, constipation (1/day), dental problems, and eventually was unable to continue working.


She had tried several candida approaches such as Threelac, Fivelac, Syntol, caprylic acid, and the basic candida diet with only minimal improvement. Like many others who search for an effective treatment for an extended period of time, Kathy was skeptical about anything being able to help her, but was determined to keep trying. We put her on the Candida Plan right away and also recommended that she follow our Blood Sugar Protocol. We told her that the constipation may improve, but if she didn’t find herself having 3-4 bowel movements a day, then she should use either Trace Minerals Concentrace or an herbal colon cleanser like the Colon Program to improve the frequency of her movements.


Kathy’s improvements overall went up and down, which is not unusual as the body works to eliminate toxins and correct long-term imbalances created by antibiotics. Some people may get worse before they get better, but that doesn’t typically happen with the Plan.  After a bumpy first two weeks, Kathy made steady improvement over the 16-week course of the Plan. Like many others, when it came time to add back foods, Kathy decided to avoid adding most foods back in. With a new lease on life, she didn’t want to ever head back down the same road that lead to a life of disability.


It’s surprising to see people follow the Plan and achieve great results only to turn back to the same dietary lifestyle that played a role in creating their problems in the first place. Poor diet leads to imbalances that eventually cause many people to seek medical care, which is a profession that is very poorly equipped to handle managing diet and health. The blind approach of medicine ends up creating further imbalances that become a gateway towards other conditions and diseases that result in even more drug prescriptions.


Kathy remains healthy and active to this day, some 4 years after first starting the Plan. She continues to eat healthy and uses the sauna several times a week. She no longer works in the corporate world and instead has started a non-profit site to assist others in reclaiming their health.


Take back your health.    Live the life you create.    Dr. McCombs Candida Plan.