If you seen the typical list for common symptoms associated with candida, then you’re familiar with how complex an issue fungal candida infections can be. As I’ve been going through the list and documenting the science behind each of these, I’ve also become aware of the limitation of this list. The research behind candida reveals many mechanisms by which candida can create a wide host of symptoms, conditions, and diseases that far exceeds the list of 100 Candida Symptoms. Some of these are not as apparent as others. The basic mechanism by which candida can effect so many organs and tissues lies with its ability to promote and maintain inflammation in various ways. As we already know, candida promotes inflammation and inflammation promotes candida.

In 2013, I’ll continue to build upon the science behind candida with more articles. Candida is an amazing organism with abilities that far exceed those of human cells in many ways. In a balanced system, it plays a supportive role to the overall health of the body, along with over 100 trillion bacteria. Once exposed to antibiotics, the balance within the system is destroyed and disease ensues. The goal in any treatment should be to restore balance to the system as a whole.