I’d like to post some case studies that can help people to have a better understanding of candida and how important restoring healthy levels of the normal yeast form of candida in the body can be in playing a role to support and restore health. I think a candida albicans case study can also help to show the causes and symptoms that can be related to fungal candida infections. This is a new format for me, as I haven’t posted case studies before, but feel as though they can provide valuable information. These studies will highlight extra-ordinary and ordinary results, to help demonstrate the human body’s potential and also that healing is a journey and not an event. I don’t believe that everyone will have the results posted here, but that the healing potential resides within each of us. If you have questions, let me know.

Case Study #1:

Helen came to us complaining of symptoms of candida, celiac disease, and poisoning associated with the antibiotic levaquin. The combination of her symptoms had caused weight loss due to malnutrition (123lbs to 100lbs), body-wide inflammation, brain fog, acne, fatigue, bloating, eczema, painful joints/muscles, muscle twitching/spasms, headaches, and nausea when eating. She had been dealing with these symptoms for about 10 years and stated that she felt as though she had “no hope of returning to the person she was a decade ago”.

It’s not normal to find someone with fungal candida problems experiencing so many difficulties, but this was in part due to the toxic effects of levaquin which the FDA has recently issued warnings about it’s use. Of course, this was too late for her. Levaquin antibiotics are from a class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. This type of antibiotic has severe toxicity associated with it’s use. Cipro and Avelox are tow other commonly prescribed fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Some people have had their lives permanently damaged by using fluoroquinolones.

Helen, like most people will have a history of antibiotic use that can compound the negative effects of candida in the body by stripping away the healthy bacterial cells that help to control and limit candida. The goal with Helen, as with most people is to revert the fungal and problematic form of candida back to its normal healthy yeast form. At the same time, we supported healthy Th1 immune system levels, detoxified the body, and help to restore normal healthy tissue flora levels through probiotics. On the Candida Plan, a 16-week program, the timing of when to use probiotics is an important facet missed in other programs. The dietary protocol is one where sugars, processed foods, and common allergens are eliminated for the first 8 weeks. Beginning in Week 9, different foods are gradually allowed back into the diet, with the directions to pay attention to which foods work for your body and which ones don’t.

Helen’s response to the Plan was very remarkable. She reported feeling that she had been given a foundation for healing, now and for the rest of her life. In addition to physical healing, she felt that the Plan had given her hope and the knowledge that she is getting better every day. She reported feeling a dramatic reduction in inflammation in her body and better absorption of nutrients had enabled her to gain 14lbs. She stated that, “I no longer suffer from the horrible effects of brain fog, bloating, eczema, painful joints/muscles, twitching/spasms, and getting more and more inflamed and sick when I eat, etc.”

Since, I was working from a distance with Helen, I wasn’t aware of the extent of her problems until towards the end of the Plan and her self-reported gains. Given the extent of her problems and my awareness of how devastating fluoroquinolone antibiotics can be, I would have expected lesser results. That being said, I’m always hopefully that creating balance in the body will enable the body’s own inner abilities of healing to maximize and produce what we might commonly assume to be miracles, but in reality are just what we should expect to happen.

As far as I know, Helen is still dealing with some of the celiac problem, which may in part be due to an inherited component. I don’t believe that she had regained her normal energetic self completely by the end of the Plan. I would normally expect that her body needs more time for healing and re-visiting the Plan again at some point could assist her further. As with others, I would recommend heavy metal cleansing as a follow-up to the Plan, which I did with her. Exercise and de-stressing from life through prayer/meditation/self reflection has demonstrated the ability to help heal the body. Avoiding chemical exposures as much as possible is very important. I don’t have any blood work or tests results from her in regard to candida testing to share, but I’ll add other case studies where we have those results.