In today’s world and ever changing environment, we are quickly discovering that personal responsibility for our health and finances is the best way to secure a safe and sound future. The recent changes in the financial markets have demonstrated that we cannot hand over our future to others and think that they will act, or know how to act in our best interest.

As someone who spends a great deal of time researching and reading up on the latest discoveries that science has to offer, combined with 25 years of clinical experience, I estimate that we know about 1% of what goes on in the human body. That’s correct, “1%.” That may be a startling revelation, but I believe that it’s a generous number and a good starting point.

Take the human digestive tract, for example. The human body has 10 trillion cells in it and the digestive tract has 10 times that amount, or 100 trillion cells. Science states that the vast majority of what takes place in the digestive tract is unknown. That alone means that we know very little about the largest percentage of our internal makeup. If we even knew everything about the 10 trillion cells that make up the human body, that would be 10%, but we are far from knowing much about those cells, also.

We live in a world where modern technology is unable to reveal to us the intricate and complicated mechanisms that allow the body to do what it does. The cellular functions remain hidden to us for the most part. Most of what is practiced is based on cadaver medicine and what we’ve learned from dissecting the dead. MRI’s, CT scans, X-Rays, blood tests and everything else that we use to arrive at a diagnosis is still very crude in the overall picture. By the time something shows up via these assessment tools, we are already far along the path of degeneration and disease.

The concept of “practicing” medicine is humorous and the source of many jokes. We “doctor” people on what is known and practice based on what is unknown. In the TV series House, MD, a doctor and his team of physicians continually end up misdiagnosing and mistreating with the wrong drugs, which lead to further complications, until they finally end up with the correct diagnosis and treatment right before the patient would otherwise die. A happy ending! In the United States alone, however, these mistreatments and adverse effects from drugs lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people every year. The number of unnecessary surgeries are in the millions. These numbers exclude clinics, nursing homes, extended care, and assisted care facilities which could easily double or triple those statistics.

This is not a put down on the medical profession, as anyone who “practices” as a doctor knows that what they are being asked to do on a daily basis is somewhat of a miraculous task. You can also ask anyone who has spent time in hospitals with loved ones or friends, that the example as illustrated by House, MD, is a very accurate portrayal.

Is there an answer then when we know so little about what we are dealing with? If we wait until we have a problem, then there isn’t a good answer other than what we’ve seen already and know from the information presented above. The only answer that I know of is to be on the proactive end and take personal responsibility for our own health. The answer lies with us.

John Knowles, Former President of the Rockefeller Foundation said, “The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for himself.”

Gandhi said, “You must be the change, you want to see in the world.”

We must take care of our bodies through whole foods, clean air and water, exercise, detoxification, uplifting thoughts, positive emotions, meditation and prayer, and continually taking steps to improve our health in each and every moment.

Over 31 years ago, I developed the Candida Plan as a way to restore health to the body by allowing the body to do what only it knows how to do and in a way that is best for the body. Along the way, I’ve learned much and have been blessed to see people benefit in ways that only the body can deliver to us. We’ve since changed the name to the McCombs Plan, to better identify who we are and avoid confusion with other companies. If you’d like more information on what we do, please visit us at

To lead a healthy life, is to lead a life out of the ordinary. It is an extra-ordinary life!


Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC, is founder of the McCombs Center for Health, the Candida Plan, the Candida Library, and author of LifeforceThe Everything Candida Book, and The Everything Guide to Autoimmune Diets. Check out our podcast, Candida Diet Tips Recipes, and Insights on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Alexa Flash Briefings. Phone: 98880 236-7780.

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