vaginal candidiasis

Vaginal Yeast Infections, Sinuses, and Systemic Candida

In 1999, researchers at the Mayo Clinic determined that 96% of sinus infections were due to fungus, thus antibiotics were not only useless, but they could contribute to the development of ongoing fungal infections. Another study in 1998 demonstrated that 71% of women with vaginal candida (candidiasis) had allergic rhinitis/sinus problems. Then a subsequent study [...]

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Vaginal Candida Infections

Vaginal candida infections are often a misdiagnosis. Some sources indicate that most vaginal infections are caused by bacteria (bacterial vaginosis), not yeast/fungus. Unfortunately, the medical profession takes a knee-jerk approach to diagnosis and treats the majority of these as yeast infections.  This can prolong the condition and contribute to ongoing vaginal flora imbalances, as well [...]

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