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It’s not all about Candida! Knowing when to let go of candida and move on!

It's not all about Candida I’ve been treating candida in patients for over 34 years and specializing in it for over 26 years. I’ve written three books and have published over 200 blog posts on the science behind candida and know very well what it can do, especially after [...]

It’s not all about Candida! Knowing when to let go of candida and move on!2022-08-13T08:41:25-07:00

Candida and Probiotics

Candida and Probiotics Candida and probiotics are a confusing topic for many people who are unaware of how these two may interact. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic on the Internet. You and I can both make better decisions when we better understand how and when to use probiotics [...]

Candida and Probiotics2022-08-13T08:45:07-07:00

Candida and Cancer

Candida and cancer Candida and cancer are two words that most people would not associate together. It is however a topic that is becoming more and more common. I frequently find myself answering questions about the link between the two. A large percentage of the population is heading into [...]

Candida and Cancer2022-08-13T08:46:47-07:00

Yeast Infections – 3 Most Important Things To Know

Yeast Infections - The 3 Most Important Things To Know Before you start treating the wrong condition, here are the 3 most important things to know about yeast infections. #1 - It's a bacterial infection. The majority of yeast infections are actually bacterial infections! If candida is going to play a role at all, the [...]

Yeast Infections – 3 Most Important Things To Know2022-08-13T08:50:45-07:00

Regular Bowel Movements

Regular Bowel Movements (RBM). I tried thinking up some clever titles for this blog, of which there are many, but instead decided to give you the straight poop (couldn't resist). This is one of those topics that many people try to avoid as it brings up uncomfortable feelings discussing what tends to be one of [...]

Regular Bowel Movements2022-08-13T13:59:45-07:00

Candida and Health

Candida and Health. Those aren't two words that one would normally find together. Candida and disease is a more likely association with candida known to be linked to over 125 different conditions and diseases. Candida and health, or candida and disease? This dichotomy is reflected in the organism itself as it has a beneficial yeast form and [...]

Candida and Health2022-08-13T14:00:33-07:00
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