Antibiotics & Candida

Antibiotics & candida. The two go hand-in-hand. Nothing else is guaranteed to create a systemic candida fungal infection in the body as fast, or as effectively as antibiotics. Nothing else but antibiotics cause systemic fungal candida infections on a routine basis for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In spite of government concerns and warnings [...]

Antibiotics & Candida2022-08-13T14:06:03-07:00

Candida and Allergies

Candida and allergies go hand-in-hand. Both are results of past antibiotic use and exposures. Once the beneficial bacteria of the body are eliminated, candida converts from its normal beneficial yeast form to its problematic fungal form. Candida and antibiotics create a shift in the immune system that is associated with allergic responses. An allergy is [...]

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Candida, Antibiotics, Allergies and Asthma

Candida, Antibiotics, Allergies and Asthma It's not surprising to learn that antibiotics cause fungal candida. This study and many others repeatedly confirm that antibiotics are the cause of this and many other conditions in the body. What is alarming to read is the rate at which allergies and asthma have increased with runaway [...]

Candida, Antibiotics, Allergies and Asthma2018-01-12T13:48:16-08:00
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