GLUT1 is a missing link in healthcare for many people!

GLUT1 Transporter If I told you that GLUT1 is a missing link in healthcare for many people, you probably wouldn't know what I was talking about. It's time to find out as this applies to many, many people. GLUT1 is the abbreviation for Glucose-Transporter 1. Its job is to transport glucose across the [...]

GLUT1 is a missing link in healthcare for many people!2022-08-15T11:36:50-07:00

Candida and Allergies

Candida and allergies go hand-in-hand. Both are results of past antibiotic use and exposures. Once the beneficial bacteria of the body are eliminated, candida converts from its normal beneficial yeast form to its problematic fungal form. Candida and antibiotics create a shift in the immune system that is associated with allergic responses. An allergy is [...]

Candida and Allergies2017-10-17T12:52:33-07:00

Candida and Arthritis

Candida and arthritis have been linked together for decades and have become an increasingly common occurrence. Reports date back to 1960, but more recent science indicates that candida-induced arthritis has existed as long as candida and antibiotics have been around. Technology and medicine are only now beginning to catch up to this realization. Arthritis is [...]

Candida and Arthritis2017-07-31T19:44:30-07:00
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