The Truth About Antibiotics

Antibiotics and Candida The truth about antibiotics isn't something that you're likely to find out about from any doctor or institution. The truth about antibiotics has been so buried beneath decades of arrogance and misinformation, that even they don't know it. Ever since the days of Alexander Fleming, who is credited with the [...]

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Antibiotic-induced gastric cancer is not something that you typically hear about, but get ready to as more and more cases are happening as a result of antibiotic use. Doctors in Korea are stating that H. pylori, the number one risk factor for gastric cancer, has developed increased resistance to antibiotics, setting the stage for a [...]


Candida Inhibits the Lactobacillus Species in Probiotics

Does candida inhibit Lactobacillus in the body? The intestinal tract is an ecosystem ruled by checks and balances. In a balanced system, pathogenic organisms are kept in check. Upset that balance and the pathogenic organisms can take over and play a role in determining the composition and function of this system. This relationship is exemplified [...]

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Candida and the Urinary Tract

One of the first sites for fungal candida to establish itself is in the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra). Antibiotics wipe out the bacteria of the urinary tract leaving a barren terrain for fungal candida and antibiotic-resistent strains of bacteria to establish themselves. Candida is the most common fungal agent present in urine and [...]

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Candida Diets: Part VII: Probiotics

Candida diets and probiotics work well together. As we have discussed earlier, systemic fungal candida results from antibiotic exposure, and the word antib-biotic means "against life." The use of probiotics works to counter the effect of antibiotics, as pro-biotic means "for life." While many diets recommend the use of probiotics from the very beginning of [...]

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Candida and Cancer

Candida and Cancer have been associated through many studies and clinical observations throughout the years. Fungal candida has been identified as the leading cause of deaths due to sepsis in hospital settings, but can occur in anyone. Severe suppression of the immune system leads to an increased risk of death, while less severe cases can [...]

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Candida Diets: Part IV: Sugars

candida-diets-part-iv-sugars In Candida Diets: Part IV: Sugars, we now look at the effect of sugars in a candida diet. I've written about this several times, as it is one area where Dr. McCombs Candida Plan has always differed from the many other candida diets out there. In the typical candida diet, sugars are eliminated completely. [...]

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Multivitamins Reduce Cancers

"WOW" is about all one can say when reading the findings of this study. It utilized the Gold Standard model of testing that is used in Clinical Trials - a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. But wait, it goes beyond that. It was also a large-scale, long-term study involving nearly 15,000 males over 11.2 years. A [...]

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Candida and Ulcers

Candida and ulcers are closely linked. It is reported that 10% of the US population has peptic ulcers. This represents approximately 31 million Americans. Studies show that over 54% of these ulcers are due to fungal Candida albicans infections. The presence of Candida albicans can prolong the persistence and healing of ulcers, resulting in increased [...]

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Candida and Steroids

The case against inhaled steroids seems to be getting stronger all the time. With the latest research, inhaled steroids are being implicated in the creation of systemic fungal candida infections. While antibiotics continue to be the number one cause of the systemic form of fungal candida that creates a multitude of various symptoms from skin [...]

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