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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Treating Candida

5 Candida Mistakes to avoid Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when treating candida to help you achieve success as fast as possible and avoid ongoing problems. The last thing you want to experience when addressing fungal candida is chasing after information and treatment choices that do nothing for [...]

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Treating Candida2022-08-13T08:59:36-07:00

5 Secrets You Should Know When Treating Candida

3D illustration of fungi Candida, the causative agent of candidiasis, thrush, systemic invasive infections. Pathogenic fungus or yeast 5 Secrets You Should Know When Treating Candida With more and more people discovering the need to address candida in order to regain and optimize their health, it can be helpful to know some secrets [...]

5 Secrets You Should Know When Treating Candida2022-08-13T13:58:15-07:00

Cure Candida Without Causing Disease

Can you cure candida without causing disease? There is a lot of confusion about what is and isn't effective against candida. Many websites promote this treatment and that treatment, with the people behind the websites having very little knowledge about candida or how their product works in the body. In order to better understand what [...]

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Candida Diets: Part II: Hydrogen Peroxide

Once someone has had their fill of the polypharmacy approach that the medical system has slipped into, where there’s a pill for everything, including the side effects, they set out on a journey to reclaim their health. As with all conditions, including Candida, an educational relationship with Google begins. One of the wrong treatment approaches [...]

Candida Diets: Part II: Hydrogen Peroxide2022-08-13T14:07:10-07:00

Candida Diets: Part I: Medications

Our Candida Diets series looks at the many elements of candida diets. The process of choosing the correct candida diet to follow can be a confusing one, which is reflective of this much misunderstood condition. The purpose of this series of articles will be to present the science behind an effective dietary approach, and eliminate [...]

Candida Diets: Part I: Medications2017-10-17T13:51:47-07:00
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