The Risks of Sitting Around

If we sit for an hour, we should exercise for an hour. If we sit for 3 hours, we should exercise for 3 hours. Of course this starts to become impossible for many people very quickly, so how do we get around this?

The Risks of Sitting Around2012-01-16T11:35:40-08:00

A “S.A.D.” Lifestyle

As our country deals with the effects of past deregulation and the current financial crisis, I am struck by how America has also become deregulated in the area of its dietary choices and the resultant health crisis that is developing as a result. Sound dietary practices have been dismantled and replaced by eating whenever, whatever, [...]

A “S.A.D.” Lifestyle2022-08-13T15:03:28-07:00

Healthcare Abducted

  Mainstream healthcare in America has been abducted by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. As profits have moved to the center stage, patient care has become secondary. We need to make healthcare more affordable for Americans once more. We can start by creating a law that drugs in the U.S. be sold at world market [...]

Healthcare Abducted2017-10-18T15:56:37-07:00
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