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When Healthcare Isn’t healing

Healthcare isn't healing when the interests of the patient are placed second to the interests of the doctor. This often happens in practice-centered models of care, instead of patient-centered models of care. The goal of the practice-centered model is to increase the practice size and make money, while the goal of the patient-centered model is [...]

When Healthcare Isn’t healing2019-04-15T06:07:20-07:00

The Journey To Excellence – The Best Childrens Vitamins

The journey to excellence in producing the best childrens vitamins has many hurdles. The supplement industry itself has many players who are more intent on serving their own purposes and agendas, as opposed to those of their clients and eventually the child consumer. My journey started in 2009 with the premature birth of our twins, [...]

The Journey To Excellence – The Best Childrens Vitamins2019-04-15T06:07:22-07:00

The Solution To Antibiotic Resistance

Each year, antibiotics resistance kills over 2 million people worldwide. Despite years of warnings from government and world officials, antibiotic prescription rates have continued to increase over 40%. The solution to antibiotic resistance is to take antibiotics out of the hands of the physicians who prescribe them. In spite of global warnings about the coming [...]

The Solution To Antibiotic Resistance2022-08-13T14:36:09-07:00

The Cure For Everything!

If we are to have any chance at adapting and staying healthy in the toxic world that we've inherited and continue to create, we need to use the one thing that can adapt faster and more efficiently than we can, the human microbiome. Bacteria, yeast, fungi, and all other microbes have been in existence on [...]

The Cure For Everything!2017-10-19T11:54:38-07:00

Is Being Sick All in Your Head?

There is a chasm of knowledge that doctors face every day as patients with complex issues, and sometimes not-so-complex issues, show up in a doctor's office with an illness that defies everything the doctor knows. At this point, the doctor can delve into the abyss of the unknown, ready to discover new frontiers, or punt [...]

Is Being Sick All in Your Head?2019-04-15T06:07:25-07:00

Dr. Oz Goes To Washington

Last week, the mighty Dr. Oz took his celebrity show on the road to Washington, DC. Instead of a warm reception, the great and powerful Oz found himself in the hot seat being chided by a Senator from the back woods of Missouri over the use of his show for promoting weight loss cures. This [...]

Dr. Oz Goes To Washington2019-04-15T06:07:26-07:00

10 Candida Myths

Sorting out fact from fiction can sometimes be difficult when it comes to candida and how to treat it. Knowing these 10 myths can help you to find the best treatment plan to follow. Myth #1 – Only women get candida infections Candida Albicans is commonly considered to be a yeast infection that only women [...]

10 Candida Myths2017-10-03T12:52:26-07:00

7 Mistakes Your MD Will Make With You. Be Informed To Be Safe.

No one really wants to think that their medical doctor would make a mistake with them, but there are some very common medical mistakes that place patients at risk and can lead to lifelong complications, and even death. With only a few states reporting, medical harm occurs at least 15 million times a year and [...]

7 Mistakes Your MD Will Make With You. Be Informed To Be Safe.2017-10-18T16:04:52-07:00

Candida FAQ – 115 Candida Plan Questions

This Candida FAQ link will help to answer 115 common questions that we have encountered over the years - Click Here. If you have any other questions about the Candida Plan or candida questions, in general, please let us know. Thank you.

Candida FAQ – 115 Candida Plan Questions2017-07-26T04:22:40-07:00

Confused About Candida?

Congratulations on making it this far in your quest for health! If you've come to realize that your problems are at least in part due to fungal candida as a result of past antibiotic use, then you've had to wade through a lot of ignorance, misinformation, disinformation, fantasy, prejudice, science, marketing hype, and general confusion [...]

Confused About Candida?2019-04-15T06:07:51-07:00
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