Oral Thrush Cure?

A recent study published by Japanese researchers shows that sesame oil was effective against oral thrush (Candida albicans). In the study, the researchers compared sesame oil against olive  and safflower oils. All oils were effective at inhibiting the growth of both the mycelial and yeast forms of C. albicans, but sesame oil was the most [...]

Oral Thrush Cure?2019-04-15T06:07:49-07:00

10 Candida Myths

Here are 10 candida myths that you may not know about! Myth #1 - Only women get candida infections Candida Albicans is commonly considered to be a yeast infection that only women get. It is in fact a fungal infection caused by antibiotic use that affects both men and women. Research states that over 90% [...]

10 Candida Myths2017-09-24T11:55:14-07:00

Candida Diets: Part VII: Probiotics

Candida diets and probiotics work well together. As we have discussed earlier, systemic fungal candida results from antibiotic exposure, and the word antib-biotic means "against life." The use of probiotics works to counter the effect of antibiotics, as pro-biotic means "for life." While many diets recommend the use of probiotics from the very beginning of [...]

Candida Diets: Part VII: Probiotics2019-04-15T06:07:54-07:00

‘Hygiene Hypothesis’ or ‘Old Friends’ Theory?

Is it the "hygiene hypothesis" or the "old friends" theory that makes the most sense? From this report on recent papers from the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, it seems like it's just two views from different sides of the same coin. The hygiene hypothesis says that increased levels of hygiene/cleanliness have decreased our exposures to [...]

‘Hygiene Hypothesis’ or ‘Old Friends’ Theory?2019-04-15T06:07:55-07:00

Colon Cancer and the High Carbohydrate Diet

Some reports state that 1 out of 2 Americans will develop cancer during their lifetime. It's a process that can take years to develop. Past antibiotic use and candida are both related to the development of cancers.  The article below from Science Daily links high carbohydrate diets with the re-emergence of cancer in colon cancer [...]

Colon Cancer and the High Carbohydrate Diet2019-04-15T06:07:56-07:00

Candida and Autism

Candida and Autism have many strong associations. The link between these two is discussed on several autism websites and even on Oprah, where actress and advocate Jenny McCarthy shared her experience of her son coming "out of autism completely after I killed Candida." Many doctors have found great success when treating children with autistic symptoms [...]

Candida and Autism2022-10-10T11:27:15-07:00

Candida and Cancer

Candida and Cancer have been associated through many studies and clinical observations throughout the years. Fungal candida has been identified as the leading cause of deaths due to sepsis in hospital settings, but can occur in anyone. Severe suppression of the immune system leads to an increased risk of death, while less severe cases can [...]

Candida and Cancer2017-10-11T16:44:27-07:00

Candida Diets: Part V: The Quick Fix

Many candida diets offer the "quick fix." Candida diets can vary based on who is presenting the information and their particular motivation. The majority of all candida diets follow a protocol first conceived by Dr. Orian Truss in the 1950S. In spite of a great deal of science that has revealed further insights since then, most [...]

Candida Diets: Part V: The Quick Fix2019-04-15T06:07:58-07:00

Cause and Effect: A Poor Model For Healthcare

Time and time again, I find that Cause and Effect (C&E) are a poor model for gaining insight, understanding, and co-operation with how the body works. Most people rely too heavily on C&E as being the best indicator of what's taking place in their body and with their health. It's an easy enough connection to [...]

Cause and Effect: A Poor Model For Healthcare2017-10-11T16:48:11-07:00

Candida Linked To Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, and Other Autoimmune Conditions

In this recent study, Candida albicans was shown to cause inflammatory and autoimmune reactions that lead to arthritis, psoriasis and other skin rashes, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions and diseases - "This not only demonstrates that the composition of our microflora has a decisive role in the development of chronic illnesses, but also [...]

Candida Linked To Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, and Other Autoimmune Conditions2017-09-14T13:48:26-07:00
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