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Regular Bowel Movements

Regular Bowel Movements (RBM). I tried thinking up some clever titles for this blog, of which there are many, but instead decided to give you the straight poop (couldn't resist). This is one of those topics that many people try to avoid as it brings up uncomfortable feelings discussing what tends to be one of [...]

Regular Bowel Movements2022-08-13T13:59:45-07:00

Candida Case Study #2

When Kathy first came to us, she stated that she felt as though she had “lost eight years of her life” dealing with candida. She had recurring bladder/kidney infections that were treated by MD after MD with no improvement. She experienced chronic fatigue and extreme exhaustion, digestive imbalances that included bloating, gas, indigestion, brain fog, [...]

Candida Case Study #22019-04-15T06:07:47-07:00
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