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It’s not all about Candida! Knowing when to let go of candida and move on!

It's not all about Candida I’ve been treating candida in patients for over 34 years and specializing in it for over 26 years. I’ve written three books and have published over 200 blog posts on the science behind candida and know very well what it can do, especially after [...]

It’s not all about Candida! Knowing when to let go of candida and move on!2022-08-13T08:41:25-07:00

Candida Treatment Essentials: Treat Candida Successfully

5 Candida Mistakes to avoid What are the candida treatment essentials to help ensure success in treat candida? Treating candida successfully requires some basic knowledge that most websites and practitioners never address. Unfortunately, many of the candida treatment sites found on the Internet focus more on sales and very little on education. With [...]

Candida Treatment Essentials: Treat Candida Successfully2019-04-15T06:07:24-07:00

Can Candida Cause Diabetes?

Can Candida Cause Diabetes? Can candida cause diabetes? Candida and Diabetes are two common conditions that occur as a result of past antibiotic use. Each condition supports the existence of the other, but fungal candida alone can create diabetes through direct and indirect means. Diabetes Diabetes is a condition in which regulation of the level [...]

Can Candida Cause Diabetes?2019-04-15T06:07:27-07:00

Infertility and Candida

Over the past 20+ years,we've been privileged to see over 54 women, diagnosed as being infertile, go on to have successful pregnancies and healthy babies. As a father and a practitioner, I can't think of a better result than this. It can be devastating to a couple to find out that they won't be able [...]

Infertility and Candida2019-04-15T06:07:31-07:00

Good Fungi Keep Candida Albicans in Check in Healthy Mouths

Human mouths contain a balanced mix of microbes which, when disrupted, can lead to oral diseases. (This implicates antibiotics as a cause of disease). A study published on March 13th in PLOS Pathogens compares the bacteria and fungi present in the mouths of healthy individuals with those from patients infected with HIV, and illustrates why [...]

Good Fungi Keep Candida Albicans in Check in Healthy Mouths2019-04-15T06:07:34-07:00


  Lufenuron The range of candida treatments ranges from time-proven and safe fatty acids, to dangerous drugs that create resistant strains, to obscure treatments like turpentine. With candida being an orphaned condition by the medical profession, many people take advantage of this void by selling anything they can to make a buck. While promising a [...]


Undecenoic Acid or Calcium Undecylenate for Treating Candida?

Last year, at this time, there was a shortage in the availability of undecenoic acid. One company suggested that their customers switch to another product containing calcium undecylenate, a "salt" form of undecenoic acid. Other similar salt forms include potassium undecylenate, sodium undecylenate, and zinc undecylenate. This was an attempt to retain the sales that [...]

Undecenoic Acid or Calcium Undecylenate for Treating Candida?2017-07-28T05:45:03-07:00

Candida – Proof of The Gap Between Science and Modern Medicine

The age old view of seeing modern medicine as being scientifically up-to-date is rapidly fading away. More and more people are falling outside of medicine's ability to care for them and seeking help elsewhere. Nowhere is this more evident than with systemic fungal candida. Medical doctors don't acknowledge its existence, except in severely immunosuppressed patients [...]

Candida – Proof of The Gap Between Science and Modern Medicine2019-04-15T06:07:39-07:00

Say No to Nano for Treating Candida

I'm all for recycling plastic, but the use of nano fibers against Candida albicans is another great example of use now, worry about consequences later. Researchers from IBM, yes the people who bring use computers, have found that the use of recycled nano fibers can effectively kill Candida albicans. "Further research revealed that the nanofibers [...]

Say No to Nano for Treating Candida2019-04-15T06:07:41-07:00

Candida and the Urinary Tract

One of the first sites for fungal candida to establish itself is in the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra). Antibiotics wipe out the bacteria of the urinary tract leaving a barren terrain for fungal candida and antibiotic-resistent strains of bacteria to establish themselves. Candida is the most common fungal agent present in urine and [...]

Candida and the Urinary Tract2019-04-15T06:07:42-07:00
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