Blood Sugar Protocol

Candida Treatment Essentials: Treat Candida Successfully

5 Candida Mistakes to avoid What are the candida treatment essentials to help ensure success in treat candida? Treating candida successfully requires some basic knowledge that most websites and practitioners never address. Unfortunately, many of the candida treatment sites found on the Internet focus more on sales and very little on education. With [...]

Candida Treatment Essentials: Treat Candida Successfully2019-04-15T06:07:24-07:00

Candida Diets: Part IV: Sugars

candida-diets-part-iv-sugars In Candida Diets: Part IV: Sugars, we now look at the effect of sugars in a candida diet. I've written about this several times, as it is one area where Dr. McCombs Candida Plan has always differed from the many other candida diets out there. In the typical candida diet, sugars are eliminated completely. [...]

Candida Diets: Part IV: Sugars2022-08-13T14:09:13-07:00

Blood Sugar Protocol

One of the common issues facing many people, especially those with systemic fungal infections, is blood sugar regulation imbalances. A simple approach to remedying this is the protocol of eating celery throughout the day. A recent article out of Harvard School of Public Health lists some of the additional benefits of dietary fibers - [...]

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Fruit and the Candida Diet

Fruit and the Candida diet The basic Candida diet was developed in the late 1950s by Orion Truss, when comparatively little was known about Candida albicans. He used nystatin, which doesn't work systemically in the body and therefore has limited effectiveness. Unable to eliminate Candida successfully, he tried starving it out of the [...]

Fruit and the Candida Diet2018-01-12T13:32:24-08:00
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