This is only for people who have already had a 23andme genetic test done. We don’t recommend the 2017 and later 23andme testing now as the amount of genes being tested has been greatly reduced.


Functional Genetic Testing based on your 23andme test results will identify either 2000 or 12,000+ genes, depending on the year it was done. Prior to 2018, the number was much greater but  reduced to 2000 in 2018. Compared to the 200,000 tested, in the Functional Genetic test, it’s much less but yields amazing results nonetheless. Our clients and patients have been able to understand unresolved health issues and are provided with a clear path forward to support healthy function with nutrition.

Your genes are your body’s manual for how it is best treated. Please send in your 23andme raw data once you have purchased this option.


An overwhelming number of observations support the evidence that genetic background has a key role to play in individual response to diet and life-style, and in shaping individual nutritional requirements.” Journal of NutriGenetics and NutriGenomic, 2011


A large number of studies have clearly shown that nutrients alter the expression of genetic information at the level of gene regulation, signal transduction and through alterations in chromatin structure and protein function. Diet can affect the expression levels of genes by acting on transcription factors or by causing epigenetic changes such as methylating DNA. Global changes in gene expression profiles could represent molecular ‘signatures’ that reflect exposure to specific nutrients. Journal of NutriGenetics and NutriGenomics, 2011