Release and replenish with this luxurious combination. Included is:

  • Mustard Bath (32oz) -Dr.Singhas Natural Therapeutics Mustard Bath is a soothing, purifying, relaxing and gentle herbal formula that helps enhance the sweating process. Contains: Powdered Mustard Seed, Essential Oils of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme and Powdered Gum Benzoin in a base of Sodium Carbonate. You will have enough for 16 baths.
  • MSM Shampoo – Soigne Shampoo with MSM is pure and natural and produces a rich, luxurious lather that is enriched with soy and wheat proteins, vitamins, herbal extracts and essential oils. Soigne MSM Shampoo contains MSM and Panthenol along with herbs and vitamins that help to repair hair, promote silkiness, manageability and a healthy scalp.
  • MSM Conditioner – Soigne Conditioner with MSM is a special conditioner that is pure and natural and combines glycogen, derived from oyster shells, and lactalbumin, a protein found naturally in milk, with vitamins, herbs and minerals high in sulfur-containing amino acids. The result is a hair nutrient ideal for all hair types, but especially good for damaged or chemically processed hair.
  • MSM Pure & Natural Lotion – 12% MSM Enriched with natural Vitamins A, D, & E. Works great for burns and sunburned skin as well as bug bites, rashes, and sore feet! It leaves your skin soft, smooth, and non-oily. Great for Shaving! Try this luxurious cream for shaving, or apply after shaving to condition and refresh your skin.

This luxurious set also makes a wonderful gift!