Childrens Health

The Candida Plan is safe for children ages 4 and up. For children ages 4-8, the dosages are adjusted as follows: Candida Force: 5 capsules 2x/day, Detox Essentials: 4 capsules 2x/day, Flora Prime: 5 capsules 2x/day.

At age 9, kids start taking the adult dosage of Candida Force and other dosages remain as above.

For children under the age of four, work with your healthcare provider. Dr. McCombs has had some patients start at the age of 3 with good results. For children too young to start the plan, taking a good childrens probiotic daily can be an excellent way to support and maintain health.

We also recommend Dr. Jeff’s Award Winning Multivitamin for children “Magical Wizard’s Potion”. Voted 2015 CPG Editor’s Choice Awards “Multivitamin of the Year” it’s a great-tasting, high-quality, sugar-free, allergen-free, multivitamin & mineral supplement with a full range of essential vitamins and minerals.