Candida Treatment

Start The Candida Plan in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: You’ll need 3 different supplements to complete the Plan:

–       Candida Force (4 bottles).

       Detox Essentials (8 bottles).

       Vital Flora (7 bottles).

 Increase your savings and buy in bundles:

a)    Monthly Sets.

b)    Step 1Everything you need for weeks 1-8. Free Shipping

c)    Step 2: Everything you need for weeks 9-16. Free Shipping and 15% OFF when you buy Step 1.


d)    Complete Set (best value): Everything you need with Free Shipping and a FREE 20-min consultation with Dr. McCombs ($140 value).


Step 2: Meal planning. We offer great tools and resources to support you with the diet plan:

a)    Quick Guide (download here)

b)    Recipe Database.

c)    Tips for meal prep.

d)    The Candida Diet Book with over 150 Recipes.


Step 3: Make sure you have a place to sweat:

Read more about the importance of sweating during The Candida Plan here.

Important: If you’re not going to sweat DO NOT start The Candida Plan.