Tune Up Plan

Tune-Up Program (8-Week Program):

After you’ve finished the Plan and want to do a tune-up later on.

  1. Supplements
    Additional Info Candida Force Detox Essentials Flora Prime
    Usage description 5 capsules, 3x a day 4 capsules, 2x a day 5 capsules, 2x a day
    Best if taken At least 20 minutes away from food & Flora Prime Anytime 20-30 minutes before meals
    Usage time period Weeks 1-6 Weeks 1-8 Weeks 5-8
    # of bottles needed for entire program 3 bottles 4 bottles 3 bottles
  2. Water: Drink one quart of water (32 oz.) for every fifty pounds of body weight.
  3. Sweating: It is recommended that you sweat in a sauna or a hot bath 6 days a week; however, you can also sweat in a steam room or a Jacuzzi.
  4. Food: Eat from our Yes foods and avoid our No foods during the program. After completing the Tune-Up Program reintroduce the foods that you know are best for you in no particular order.