Instructions for the Maintenance Program

This is an ongoing program to be followed right after completing the 16-Week Candida Plan.



Listen to your body. You may need to delay adding sugars or dairy products if you are still sensitive to these foods. Some individuals decide to continue with the basic diet and eat the other foods, such as dairy or fruit juices or many grains, sparingly if at all. The fact is most people feel very good while they’re on Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan.


1) Supplements:

Additional Info Candida Force Detox Essentials Flora Prime
Usage description 5 capsules,
1x a day
2 capsules,
1x a day
5 capsules,
1x a day
Best if taken At least 20 minutes away from food
& Flora Prime
Anytime 20-30 minutes before meals
Usage time period Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Dosage Information One bottle will last you two months One bottle will last you two months One bottle will last you twenty days

2) Water: Drink plenty of water.

3) Sweating: We recommend 2-3 times a week as a way to assist the body.

4) Food: Eat foods that are best for you.