Bundles & Sets

 You’ll need 3 different supplements to complete the Plan:

–       Candida Force (4 bottles).

–       Detox Essentials (8 bottles).

–       Vital Flora (7 bottles).


Increase your savings and buy in bundles:

1) Monthly Sets: Buy on a month-to-month basis, starting with Month 1 (weeks 1-4) followed by Month 2 (weeks 5-8), Month 3 (weeks 9-12) and Month 4 (weeks 13-16).

2) Step 1: Everything you’ll need for the first half of the Plan (weeks 1-8). Free Shipping.

3) Step 2: Everything you’ll need for the second half of the Plan (weeks 9-16). Free Shipping and 15% off when you get Step 1.

4) Complete Set: Everything you’ll need for the entire Plan. It includes Free Shipping and a Free 20-min consultation with Dr. McCombs. 


Learn more about our other great protocols:

1) How maintain the great results you gained during the Plan? Candida Plan Maintenance and Candida Plan Tune up.

2) What if you need to take antibiotics during or after The Candida Plan? Follow the Antibiotic Protocol.

3) Children can also do The Plan and they have their own set.


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