It’s not all about Candida

I’ve been treating candida in patients for over 34 years and specializing in it for over 26 years. I’ve written three books and have published over 200 blog posts on the science behind candida and know very well what it can do, especially after spending a good deal of time familiarizing myself with many of the 66,000+ studies published on PubMed, the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website that lists research on candida going back almost 80 years to 1940. I have answered thousands of questions on candida and health. These answers have generated millions of views on various websites, radio shows, and television. Yet, with all of this knowledge on candida and what it can do to your health, the hardest things for me to convey to people is that – “it’s not all about Candida!”


The human body is a very, very, very complex organism and so complex, that the act of going to “modern” doctors for answers about health is akin to taking a high performance racing car to a bike shop and looking for answers. The average medical doctor tries to provide simple responses to complex situations that are beyond their understanding, which leads only to aggravation, confusion, and ongoing pain and suffering. This of course can be incredibly frustrating and a waste of time and money. This is why so many people strike out on their own looking for answers, when doctors provide none.


Doctors are very aware of how people start using Google as a source of education. They mock people for information that they find on Google, yet everyone would be better off if doctors spent more time getting the same “Google degree” that many of their patients have armed themselves with. These are people who, after countless hours over days, weeks, and months scouring the Internet for information, have found answers that their doctors never even knew about. Many excitedly return to their doctors to share this information, only to be laughed at, ridiculed, and sent away with a recommendation to see a shrink.

Letting Go

When someone suffers for so long and finally believes that they have found “the” answer, it can be hard to convince them of anything else. I’ve seen this for a few decades with people who are attempting to deal with candida. In their mind, candida explains all of their symptoms, or at least most of them, and therefore, they are reluctant to consider anything else. These people fall into the “candida trap”.


This can become a big problem, as there are always going to be several other contributing factors and the complexity can be staggering. What about chemicals, heavy metals, stress, and genetic predisposition to have challenges in the very area that you have struggled with for so long? For some people, letting go of candida is the beginning of healing.


Humans however, don’t embrace complexity easily. Blaming one cause is easier than trying to understand 20+ causes, as well as other contributing factors. Without a background in physiology, anatomy, biology, endocrinology, immunology, genetics, and on and on, the inclination to attach oneself to one cause is more appealing and do-able. Unfortunately, it’s not always productive.

A Bad Model

The model for this approach is the same failed medical profession that was unable to find answers or provide sound advice in the first place. Again, this can produce the same result as taking a high performance racing car to a bike shop. The worst part of following this approach is that these people tend to end up back in the hands of the medical doctors who originally modeled this approach.


Think of it. You went to one doctor, who sent you to another one, who sent you to another one, and on and on, until someone finally decided after you had seen all these brilliant minds, the real problem was all in your head. It had to be, because how could so many brilliant minds fail to find an answer. Therein lies the rub! If you understood that medical doctors are very poorly equipped to do their job, you probably wouldn’t waste so much time with them in the first place.


It’s a cultural fault where medical doctors have been viewed as the apex of knowledge on human health. In reality, they are woefully incapable of addressing health and only good at handing out medications that suppress the symptoms. This allows the fire of imbalances within you continues to burn away all hopes of recovery.

Short-cut to Health

For the shortcut-minded crowd, the fastest way to help yourself is first knowing where to start. Also, identifying imbalances that you are genetically pre-disposed to will provide you knowledge no one else can. This is accomplished through genetic testing –


Genetics allows you to know the best nutrition that your body needs, instead of just taking supplements that may not be doing anything for you. Too many times, I’ve seen people take good supplements, only to have bad results. Knowing your genetics helps to avoid these types of miss-steps.


Furthermore, if you want nutrition to have the maximum impact, correct fungal candida and digestive imbalances first. This helps to ensure optimal health and function. The Candida Plan is the best way to approach this –


Heavy metals and parasites may be issues, as well. You actually address each of these by doing the Plan, but they may need to be done individually, as well –


The image of the gears of a clock at the top of this page illustrates the interconnected of everything. When you improve one area, you improve all areas. Likewise, if one area is dysfunctional, all will be affected.


Address candida and then move onto the next area. Discover where your imbalance are, instead of insisting that they are someplace where they are not. Keep applying sound principles and you’ll accomplish much more for all of your efforts!


Get started today with Dr. McCombs Candida Plan and enjoy a vital, productive, and long life!!!


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