A Simple 2-Step Holistic Approach to Eliminate Candida for Good!

Step 1: Neutralize

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Step 2: Restore

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Throughout the Entire Plan: Detoxify

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Beware of “quick fixes” and Candida “cures”. Properly eliminating candida takes time and dedication. Our plan has been proven to be effective at safely and holistically eliminating candida and we are here to support you every step of the way!

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Step 1: Neutralize

Length of Step 1: Eight Weeks (Weeks 1-8)

Candida Force (undecenoic acid): A unique formula that provides a “back door” into candida’s natural “reset button” back to its beneficial yeast form. Undecenoic acid is approximately six times more effective as an antifungal than caprylic acid, making it the most effective choice. Undecenoic acid is the first fatty acid that was noted to be very effective against fungal candida. Candida requires a lot of fatty acids to function in its fungal form and it’s this requirement is the doorway to fatty acids as antifungals. Unlike medications, which aim to kill the candida thus triggering an adaptive mechanism that leads to antifungal resistance, undecenoic acid merely weakens candida to the point where it cannot sustain the problematic fungal form and it has to revert back to its normal yeast form. The safety of undecenoic acid has been demonstrated repeatedly in clinical use.