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The Candida Plan is a 4 month (16 week) plan, using 3 supplements. Buy in bulk and save!
Candida Force (4 bottles) • Detox Essentials (8 bottles) • Vital Flora (7 bottles).

We offer 3 ways to buy depending on how you want to pay:

Monthly Sets

$130-$224/month for 4 months
(4-6 bottles/month)

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Step 1 & Step 2 Sets

$336 for each step
(9-10 bottles per step)

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Complete Set

$639.00 one time purchase (19 bottles)
Includes a free consultation with Dr. McCombs!

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Meal Planning

We offer great tools and resources to support you with the diet plan:

Candida Plan
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Meal Prep

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Candida Diet
Book-150 Recipes

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Find a Place to Sweat

Read more about the importance of sweating during The Candida Plan here.
Important: If you’re not going to sweat DO NOT start The Candida Plan.



Steam Room

Hot Yoga


“Feeling great! My Triglycerides are down from 695 to 108, Cholesterol down to 140, and I lost 22 lbs. I’m feeling good enough to start exercising now. Thank you !!!”
“I’ve been on the program only 2 weeks and lost 8 pounds so far. Six family members have done it and have great stories to tell. I’m feeling better every day!”
Linda P.
“My energy is better and my foot fungus, which I had for 5 years is going away, without me doing anything topically. I’ve noticed in the last week that my lung pains are totally gone. I had lung pain 2 1/2 to 3 years. I didn’t have any previous lung injuries.”