After the Plan

What if I have to take antibiotics after The Candida Plan?

If a dose of antibiotics is taken after completing The McCombs Plan, the recommendation is to take the following while taking the antibiotics and continue for 3 weeks after: Candida Force: 5 capsules 2x/day Flora Prime: 5 capsules 2x/day Detox Essentials: 4 capsules 2x/day Eat according to the beginning 8 week food plan and sweat [...]

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Cleanses after the Plan

Many people follow up the Candida Plan with our parasite cleanse. We recommend taking 2 products (Agrisept-L and Vidanga Supreme) for 1 month to help address parasites and continue balancing the flora of the intestinal tract. Recommended dosage is 15 drops of Agrisept twice a day in water or juice, and 2 scoops of Vidanga [...]

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Ways fungal Candida may re-ocurr

Since 1993 we've had great success with The Candida Plan in correcting the imbalances of fungal candida. There are situations that can create a re-occurrence of fungal Candida. These include: Use of antibiotics Eating antibiotic-laden foods (indirect use of antibiotics) Chemotherapy Long-term use of steroids and hormone replacement medicines Diabetes Surgeries Immunosuppression Malnutrition  

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Your diet after The Candida Plan

Diet needs to be considered in terms of foods that support health and foods that don't support health. If you look at your approach to eating as being restricted or not restricted, then I would recommend updating that approach. It is a fact that there are many commonly eaten foods that do nothing to contribute [...]

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Grocery shopping tips after you’ve finished The Candida Plan

There is an approach to shopping that encourages buying foods in a grocery store by "shopping around the edges." This is where you'll tend to find most fresh and unprocessed foods. The middle of the store usually contains the processed foods that the body doesn't need and has difficulty with.Click here for our recommended Shopping [...]

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The Candida Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance Plan is ongoing and is to be followed right after completing the 16-week Plan. Candida Force: 5 capsules once a day, at least 20 minutes away from food and Flora Prime. One bottle will last you two months on the Maintenance Plan. Detox Essentials: 2 capsules per day, anytime during the day. One [...]

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I finished week 8 and have leftover Candida Force. Why?

When you finish Week 8 of the Candida Plan, you should have 160 capsules of Candida Force left over, about half of one bottle. This happens because we can offer you a better price on Candida Force using the 250 gel capsule bottles, instead of bottling Candida Force in smaller more expensive bottles. Here's how [...]

I finished week 8 and have leftover Candida Force. Why?2016-04-19T20:01:18-07:00
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