What Does My Order Include?

When you order the supplements to do Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan, you’ll have access to these support resources that Dr. McCombs has been developing since he founded the plan in 1993.

Included In Your Package

  • Quick Guide – a helpful overview of the five components (Diet, Water, Sweating, Supplements, Eliminate)
  • Information about how to care for your Flora Prime probiotics, which require refrigeration for best results

We Offer Free Support

  • Free phone support from Dr. McCombs’ knowledgeable staff, all of whom have done the Candida Plan
  • Dr. McCombs is available by email at no charge. Just click on Contact Us to send him a message.
  • Since Dr. McCombs may not treat or diagnose anyone over email, and you may have a more in-depth question about your health, you may schedule a paid phone consultation with him by calling 1 (888) 236-7780.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Before The Plan, During The Plan, and After The Plan
  • Q&A CureZone forum with Dr. McCombs
  • Meal Planning Tips, including suggestions for Vegans & Vegetarians
  • Recipes library – add and print your favorites, comment, and rate the growing list of recipes. All recipes are on the “Yes Foods” list!

Additional Resources

  • Ask The Candida Expert Q&A Webcasts
  • Grocery Shopping List with all the Yes Foods in one convenient checklist
  • Quick Guide with Yes/No Foods
  • Tracking Calendar – Step-by-step instructions for all 16-weeks for you to print and check off your progress
  • Free Newsletter with articles from Dr. McCombs, special offers, links to current health news, and more (Sign up in the footer)
  • Audio and Video Archives in our Media Center
  • Dr. McCombs’ Blog on Candida and other health-related topics
  • Candida Library – The Ultimate Online Candida Resource with articles, pictures and videos of Candida and its effects on the body

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