Sweating is a must with Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan!

The major detoxification organs of the body are the liver, lungs, gastro intestinal (GI) tract and skin. Fungal Candida increases the toxicity of the entire body and overloads the detoxification system. Thus, it’s essential to detoxify the body through its largest detoxification organ – the skin.


You can sweat in a bath, a sauna or a steam bath. Some people like practicing Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga).

If you don’t sweat you’ll experience an immediate die-off reaction that would manifest as symptoms of a bad cold or the flu.  The increase in mucus will delay and interfere with the process of detoxifying Candida. Sweating is a must.

You can gradually work up towards the recommended routine below. Start with 5 minutes and then gradually increase it until you feel fully comfortable. This is specially recommended if you are in a weakened state of health due to previous medical challenges.

See the table below for more information on different options for sweating.

Note: Exercise sweating does not count!

Bath and/or Jacuzzi OR Sauna and/or Steam Room
How many times per week? 6 times 6 times
For how long? 30 minute hot bath 10-20 minutes
Products recommended You may use bath salts such as Masada salts (available at major health food stores), Epsom salts, or herbal Mustard Bath. Order Mustard Bath online, or call us at (888) 236-7780.
Keeping your minerals levels up People may lose minerals while sweating so taking “Trace Minerals” is a good way to replenish them. Trace Minerals also support regular bowel movements. Order Trace Minerals online or call us at (888) 236-7780. Trace Minerals are recommended for those doing sweating using a sauna or steam room also.