Parasite Cleanse

We recommend doing a Parasite Cleanse right after completing Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan.

Parasites are small organisms that depend on their hosts for food, shelter, and ongoing growth. Parasite infestation is very common and can rob us of nutrients, while at the same time increasing the levels of toxicity within our bodies. Parasites can cause organ and tissue damage, and humans may be host to over 100 different species of parasites. The majority of parasites are microscopic and exist undetected inside the cells of our body. Dr. McCombs recommends cleansing the body of parasites at least twice each year.

How To Do A Parasite Cleanse:

Weeks 1 – 4:

Mix 15 drops of Agrisept-L and 2 scoops Morinda Supreme in water or juice, two times per day, for four weeks. There are no special dietary requirements to do the Parasites Cleanse.

Note: Morinda Supreme and Agrisept-L may be mixed together or taken separately.

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Other Cleanses

Colon Cleanse

You can do a colon cleanse during or after Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

We recommend doing a Heavy Metal Detox after completing the Parasite Cleanse. You can do the Basic Heavy Metal Detox or the Advanced Heavy Metal Detox. While Dr. McCombs recommends the Advanced program, even the Basic program can produce good results.