N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) is a commonly used nutritional supplement for the self-treatment of conditions such as arthritis. Researchers in Japan, using a murine model of oral candidiasis, found that GlcNAc increased symptoms of oral candidiasis. It was also found that the increase in symptoms was related to the increase in dosage. GlcNAc has been shown to play a role in the conversion of Candida albicans from its normal yeast form to its pathological fungal form. The fungal form is associated with a long list of symptoms and conditions in the body.

The researchers suggested that, “ingestion of GlcNAc, as a nutritional supplement, may have an impact on oral health in people susceptible to oral candidiasis.”

This is probably an unlikely effect in people following a candida protocol, but can help to explain why people who have arthritis due to fungal candida find the supplement to be ineffective in improving their condition. Those who find GlcNAc to be ineffective may be able to use that result as a diagnostic indicator of a fungal infection, especially if there is a history of previous antibiotic use.

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