The majority of vaginal infections are bacterial, so treating it as a yeast infection may not be effective, unless you’re treating it systemically at the same time. This can help to balance the overall bacterial flora of the entire body. We have had many patients eliminate this problem successfully and others who have found that it helped, but did not get rid of it completely.

One difficulty with this part of the body is that a woman’s immune system response is regulated in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with a woman’s ability to get pregnant. That same regulation can favor the spread of candida and other infections. Therefore, trying to treat only the vaginal tissues won’t work as successfully as treating the whole body.

Also, the vaginal tissue is normally acidic and the normal presence of good bacteria helps to maintain the acidity. When the good bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, it allows the pH to change and become more alkaline and other bacterial species to become dominant.

Best results can be obtained by treating this tissue systemically and locally. Helpful ideas include inserting 2 acidophilus (Flora Prime) capsules twice a day into the vaginal tissue. Some women have also used boric acid suppositories to help increase the acidity. Boric acid suppositories can be made by adding boric acid powder to empty gel capsules.

Repeated courses of antibiotics can cause a lot of disruption of normal healthy tissue, so it may take a while to bring everything back into balance. It’s not just a vaginal issue, it’s a systemic issue.