The Candida Plan is not designed as a weight loss plan – though many, many patients (perhaps the majority) lose weight as a result of detoxifying their bodies and restoring healthy function to the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

During a detoxification and rebuilding process within the body, your body will require sufficient amounts of calories to facilitate the process. DON’T under eat as this can slow metabolism down and cause less weight loss, as well as under-fueling the body during the detoxification process. Those who focus first and foremost on getting healthy tend to lose all the weight that they want – and more. Men generally lose more weight than women due to having a faster metabolism. Exercise is always an important part of any weight-loss approach and helps to maintain and restore health in the body. During the more than 18 years the plan has been available, people who focus primarily on weight loss, lose the least amount of weight. Focus on your health!