When you order the Candida Plan supplements, you’ll have access to these support resources that Dr. McCombs has been developing since 1993.

Included In Your Package

  • Quick Guide – a helpful overview of The McCombs Plan steps
  • Tracking Calendar – a detailed guide to help you track your success, know when to take each supplement, and when it’s time to re-order, if you’re ordering monthly
    We Offer Free Support
  • Free phone support from Dr. McCombs’ knowledgeable staff, all of whom have completed The McCombs Plan
  • Dr. McCombs is available by email at no charge. Just click on Contact Us to send him a message.
  • Since Dr. McCombs may not treat or diagnose anyone over email, and you may have a more in-depth question about your health, you may schedule a paid phone consultation with him by calling 1-888-236-7780.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Before The Plan, During The Plan, and After The Plan
  • Q&A CureZone forum with Dr. McCombs
  • Meal Planning Tips, including suggestions for Vegans & Vegetarians
  • Recipes library – add and print your favorites, comment, and rate the growing list of recipes. All recipes are on the “Yes Foods” list!Downloadable Resources
  • Ask The Candida Expert Q&A Webcasts
  • Grocery Shopping List with all the Yes Foods in one convenient checklist
  • One Week Meal Planner with easy recipes for your first week on the plan
  • Quick Guide and Tracking Calendars in PDF format
  • Free Newsletter with articles from Dr. McCombs, special offers, current health news, and more
  • Video archives in our Media Center
  • Dr. McCombs’ Blog on Candida and other health-related topics
  • Dr. McCombs podcasts on Apple (Candida Chronicles) and Spotify (Candida Diet Tips, Recipes, and Insights!)