Antibiotics taken during the first 6 weeks of the plan do not affect the effectiveness of the plan.
If you must take antibiotics during Weeks 7-16, follow the following protocol while taking the antibiotics and for three weeks after to ensure the effectiveness of the plan:

  • Eat according to the first 8 weeks Yes/No Foods list
  • Take Candida Force – 5 capsules 3x/day
  • Take Detox Essentials – 4 capsules 2x/day
  • Take Flora Prine – 5 capsules 2x/day
  • Sweat 6x/week

If your doctor wants to give you antibiotics, first have them confirm through simple testing that the problem is due to a bacteria and NOT a virus. Next, according to a mandate from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, require that he/she do susceptibility testing to determine if the antibiotic they are prescribing will be effective against the bacteria discovered in the first test. If neither of these steps are followed, you shouldn’t be prescribed an antibiotic.